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  1. Am sorry that your grandpa died . I know it's hard to go through such a situation. Be strong bro and just know that we are here for you always. May his soul rest in peace. Despite the sad news your photo looks great.

  2. Brilliant photos. So realistic and amazing to look at.

  3. What's the most memorable time of your life?

  4. Am sorry to hear that my friend. I didn't know that you were going through all this especially at this extent. And its an absolute shocker that you have attempted twice. Please bro dont lose hope on life, things will eventually change. I know you are passing through a lot and I agree your parents should have fulfilled their promise despite their problems. You deserve to be treated like a human and not like a mindless servant. It hurts me that you are going through this in your life. You might not have friends now but you will eventually who love and really care about you. You are such an amazing person and I believe people will see this in you soon. You are the coolest of people I have interacted with and I wouldn't be happy to lose a friend like you. Please don't attempt the third time and make this world a dark empty place for many who love you.

  5. Its looks amazing bro despite it being only one. Great photo.

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