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  1. I wonder if the AFL blocked it? Because it sounds like both parties wanted some sort of mediation

  2. Iirc, to enter mediation Burt, Clarko, and Fagan had to agree to requirements that they did not agree to.

  3. Not true. Fagan denied that any demands had been made

  4. Tom Browne says their names will be public now? Not that I really trust him lol

  5. Their names are public now, they have released a letter with names attached -

  6. Update to the post, they have released a public letter.

  7. I know its late in the arvo, but, I am determined to show you what $30 will get you at the shops and make 20 meals out of it. I'm hoping to include snacks and a protein.

  8. The point the author makes about new Vic ALP leaders is interesting, which i've seen a few people make similar remarks over the last few years. Will the next Premier, assuming it's ALP, once Andrews steps down, have the same level of influence Andrews has been able to weld over the last 9 years?

  9. Still not sure I understand how the families gave up their right to take action against the AFL without a quid pro quo? Wonder if I good lawyer could pick holes in that agreement.

  10. From my understanding, they agreed not to take action against the AFL over their treatment, but, they can still take action against Hawthorn/Clarko/Fagan/Burt through the AHRC or other courts. I think.

  11. Bit weird to have that as a headline when Price never called the Acknowledgement of Country 'woke'.

  12. Ex-porn baron Jon Atherton’s gin distillery evicted from West End warehouse

  13. Can swans/parker still appeal or has it been done, im unsure of the timeline

  14. No. Sydney is not appealing the tribunal decision.

  15. Mine shows the AEST time when I google the same thing.

  16. Ah, the bye week. What's going to be the best game this weekend?

  17. To be fair I am surprised that Perrottet is still in the Parliament at this stage. How are the margins in his seat?

  18. I suppose this is with the caveat that Labor actually runs hard.

  19. Wait aren't we playing Port this week? Huh?

  20. Especially when there's DevRob coming off a 21 tackle game in the VFL waiting in the wings

  21. Really hoping Dev is our replacement for Zorko against the Hawks tbh.

  22. Honestly why even bother handing out bans if every single one of them gets overturned

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