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  1. Mentioned that poorly my bad. I ended up getting slight brain damage that created a liquid pocket on the part of the brain that stimulates the amount of test released.

  2. And the 'medical' (latinized) expression for your diagnosis?

  3. Arachnoid Cyst due to brain trauma. That’s all that I remember it ever being described as. Still have to get yearly MRI’s

  4. It's still going on, series from Funi get added to CR every week and that'll be a thing until everything from Funi is on CR, then Funi will most likely go away

  5. Okay got ya. It’s frustrating because it doesn’t feel like a 12 dollar streaming service. It just feels so broken. Maybe when funimation ends, they will invest more in making CR better looking and less buggy.

  6. My trash was picked up today so I wouldn’t think your will be impacted

  7. Have you considered not dying off the start?

  8. This was what I struggled with until it got so bad if I didn't reach out the depression would become unbearable. Eventually I had a laundry list of so many occurrences that I talked to my doctor about it and what really did it was my failures in college. Talking about that led to my doctor questioning it and referring me to a psychiatrist, a bunch of failed visits later I got so tired of waiting for someone to suggest what I already suspected I scheduled testing at a psychologist myself. If you can, focus on the areas of your life that are affected that are easy for health professionals to dial in on and hopefully it helps. I still struggle to advocate for myself and I am still trying to get medication. It's such a long process and it's not easy, keep trying!

  9. It’s like it’s telling you to do something before it’s too late lol. Honestly I have always thought that mushrooms know something about me that I don’t. So who knows lol

  10. I agree with the idea they know something we don't. My body seriously just felt like it was trying to tell me the whole time get up, stretch, move free up these knots.

  11. I’m typically pretty productive on the days I MD, but next time it’s a slow day I’m gonna pay attention to this 😂

  12. Currently having the same issue with a lowered sex drive. I’ve met with 2 specialists and my test was average after taking Kratom for about a year and a half once a day. My buddy has the same issue but what helped him was one week on and one week off of Kratom. So I’m in the process of messing around with that

  13. My girlfriend enjoys having it in her morning smoothy to mask the taste

  14. Which trainers did you try? What methods did they use? What sort of aggression are we talking?

  15. The one we had the most time in was a gentleman who used to work at petsmart doing the training. Then he went on his own doing private lessons for dogs with high anxiety levels. He was referred by a friend of ours.

  16. We bought this wii used recently and it looks like Nintendo took out the internet browser? Too my understanding you need the browser to download the stuff right?

  17. To use the Homebrew Browser, yeah, your Wii needs to be online, but you can also install apps manually to your SD card via your PC, which is the way I prefer to do it.

  18. Did the aliens try to probe your butthole? Because if so, then the dream makes a lot of sense

  19. No butthole think I was abducted lol

  20. Could’ve been a wet dream you know

  21. I guess I have learned my lesson about standing in people’s yards at night wearing dark clothing. I apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused you.

  22. My theory is you got understandably spooked, your dog picked up on it and barked in that direction because that’s where you were staring. That reinforced the idea that something was there and the rest of your trip was you getting spooked by normal shadows and the fact that you were on a heroic dose for Pete’s sake lol.

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