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  1. A bit of a drive but dropping someone off at pearson airport so might make a detour. Thanks hopefully some left tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, never really used the online feature purchase of LCBO. Just gave it a try.

  3. Now you never have to worry if it'll still be in stock when you get there. Enjoy.

  4. I had to call the store that had my bottle to extend the hold. SAQ doesn’t seem to reply to emails. Or maybe I needed to make a fake account with a French Canadian name and Google translate to French Canadian

  5. Smart. Feel like the 3.5 months I'd be asking for wouldn't work.

  6. Do you know anyone in Laval or Montreal? SAQ would allow someone else to pick up your order

  7. No sir - but good to know they'd allow. I'm dying to try a Kilky!

  8. Lagavulin offerman 11 charred oak and benromach peat smoke sherry

  9. First pour of that Laga was meh. Couldn't understand the hype. Every glass after, tho, has been outta this world. Friggin neck pours.

  10. I was a little underwhelmed on first pour too.

  11. I found the peat/smoke almost absent and was like WTF - is this really a lagavulin. Came back in 48 hours for number 2 - and there she was like a sucker-punch to the taste buds

  12. Geez. I had no idea this was even happening! Crazy shit!

  13. Why would anyone downvote this? This guy was trying to help me out behind the scenes, no strings attached. A good man, in my books.

  14. Good man, as well. Thanks for offering to help folks out. Total awesome sauce

  15. Man I miss having easy access to that bottle. It’s a lovely dram (and it’s predecessor was too). Wish I’d stocked up before everyone got wise to Springbank :)

  16. It's not like anything I've tried, that's for sure. I don't have a lot to compare it to but super well balanced and fantastic complexity

  17. Congrats, 20 years is a big deal and worth celebrating. I hope you dewds enjoyed that glass as much as you clearly enjoy each other!

  18. Yep, grabbed one last week, too. They've been at LICK-Bo for the last month or so. It's my first Laphroaig CS, and i totally dig it. Enjoy!

  19. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald is one of those songs I never skip when she comes up on random... RIP Mr. Lightfoot

  20. Totally. Every time I hear it I feel like I'm on that damn ship

  21. i don't believe SMWS will ship to Ontario directly... if there's a way to do so, I'd be interested!

  22. I looked into it a bit after talking to Hex, and I seem to remember something regarding "out of province" so if interested, you might take a peek.

  23. Wasn’t in the budget. But i still have the 14 and a cairdeas so I wasn’t feeling pressured

  24. I hear ya man - tax return was a surprise on our end. After a few woot woots and a dramatic victory dance I quickly carted that Froggy and the Offerman.

  25. The feet is just a personal thing, bird feet for some reason has always grossed me out, I think it's those wrinkley toes and gnarly nails! LOL

  26. My wife very much felt the same way about the feet - you're not alone bro. I have an outbuilding, my man cave, where all my hunting shit is displayed. It would suit the log home we live in, but it's better out of sight for a lot of the varied opinions like were seeing right here in the thread. Some of it comes off pretty dark, and I can appreciate that.

  27. Your wife has good tastes (don't let that get to your head!).

  28. How was the old 10 compared to the new. Helluva headliner for sure.

  29. it was quite different. funkier, more barnyard notes. iodine. late 70s distillation from the profile for sure.

  30. That's super cool. I don't think many of us would ever get the opportunity to have that kind of comparison for a benchmark dram like A10.

  31. That came out a year and half ago or so. Picked one up end of 2021. Hopefully we can get an age statement be next time.

  32. So you think it's a return? Still can't figure out HTF!

  33. Nice. I'm tempted to pick up a bottle of that as well if they release some more.

  34. Fingers crossed this one wasn't an anomaly. I was shocked when I got the pickup notice, especially only seeing the 1. This was one in a billion for me....

  35. That OF is nice for 32 beans. She's low proof and drinks it but still a decent bottle. I'll be grabbing one

  36. Although I can't dispute the prices a sub-scrub of the last 45 days shows a bunch of new stuff, albeit not likely in the best quantities. Talisker and Laga DEs, Arran 10/Sherry/BP, Tale of Forest, Oogie, Ardcore, Spots, EC BP, Redbreast 12 CS, Laphroaig 10 B15 CS, Yoichi 10, HP CS. I've actually felt, at my local LCBO like there's something I've not seen each time I head in.

  37. Scroll through posts from the last 45 days. I believe it was around 32 days ago.

  38. You may have used too much salt. You can maybe try rehydrading and re-stretching them? Sorry about the wrinkled pelts. Hope this helps!

  39. Really appreciate the reply - did one a few years ago that turned out perfect and I'm bummed after all the work on these. Do you board for drying?

  40. Thanks again dewd. So after I added the tanning solution and folded for 24 I should have reboarded? And for rehydration, just some warm water in a bucket until pliable and reboard?

  41. Very cool. Used to do this with the GF (now wife) before we brought 3 rug rats into this world. Car camping.......not so much fun!

  42. My honeymoon was 2 weeks Algonquin interior - some good girls out there!

  43. Pleasure is all mine dewd. I'll never have a crazy collection but I'll sure as hell drink what I have in some crazy settings!

  44. The 1815 is on my list of bottles to try. How does it compare to Lore?

  45. Jesus - I wish I knew. That Lore is on MY list of bottles to try. I did find it subdued compared to other Laphroaigs I've tried but I've heard the same about Lore.

  46. You have a bottle of Lore - maybe we could trade a sample. Everyone wins.

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