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  1. Did i hear any Ratatouille?

  2. I think they're quoting people dumping on the Bay films for Jetfire and Sentinel

  3. I figured, but I thought I’d just bring attention to Robo Gandalf.

  4. 4, but yeah. Pretty sure one is a Power Rangers monster

  5. Are we just on a "Bayverse Optimus is better than all others" kick? Really?

  6. I still think DotM has the worst death, because he didn't see it coming and it happened because he was doing his job. G1 'Hide at least had a fighting chance.

  7. I meant that Andor Season 2 will be ruined by ST tie ins.

  8. Oh, I thought you meant S2 of Mando. You meant S2 of Andor is for being ruined. Gotcha.

  9. NTA my girl!! A girl needs a woman to guide them just as a boy needs a man. As a former boy who never had a man, I deeply sympathize with your plight.

  10. You ain't gon mention Tarantulas-head Thundercracker smh

  11. “Teach him how to survive astral projection, I will not.”

  12. In all fairness, Yoda never projected while he was alive. For all we know he was projecting before Luke returned in RotJ and that's why he died.

  13. This title is the worst thing I've ever had to read knowing it was probably accurate. Damn. Picard S1 actually pissed me off, and to tell me that Mando is doing worse than that? Oy, this hurt.

  14. I can forgive it because I genuinely enjoyed episode 3, but I also don't blame you.

  15. It jumped the shark by putting Baby Yoda back with Mando in between seasons in BoBF, so the entire purpose of season 2 was wiped out. That's going to leave a bad taste in people's mouths, no matter how braindead Disney thinks the general audience is.

  16. Baby Yoda is the least of this show's problems rn, but it was an indicator to me ahead of time that this season wasn't up to much.

  17. A body is harder to hide than not a body. Remember, she's operating outside the New Republic, and can't draw suspicion with disappearing former Imperial officers

  18. I said it weeks ago: if you're apathetic to this franchise, leave. If you're still angry, stay. Anger is rooted in passion and thus can be a good thing, but apathy means it's time to move on, leave the subs, stop watching, don't buy the merch, exit stage left.

  19. I can forgive the cheap look because it's a show; doesn't have a movie budget. What I can't forgive are how shitty episodes 1&2 were. 3 was actually good tho...more of that plz.

  20. TLJ is my favorite of all the trilogies movies, hands down, one of my most favorite SW movies out of all of them. The set up Rian was doing had me absolutely psyched! Luke coming full circle as the curmudgeonly reluctant mentor. Going out in such a fantastic style. Yoda's brief reappearance and being his most Yoda-ish. Rey, Finn, & Poe all finding their footing, doubting everything to start and journeying separately to find each other and their self confidence/purpose in the end. The whole Rey/Ben of it all. The EPIC battles and the equally epic visuals. Can we talk about the red & white please?! Oh it was so damn good which made the let down that much more soul crushing when IX just abandoned it all. Knowing what we were on the cusp of and having it all just erased. 🤬

  21. You are a bold one to state that openly, and I commend you. The few times I've mentioned my admiration for a lot of what the film did, I've been met with vitriol and downvotes out the whazoo.

  22. Stage actors definitely emote differently. Sisko from DS9 comes to mind.

  23. Sisko comes to mind?? I mean, okay, but he feels like the opposite end of the spectrum. I guess when he randomly just starts SPEAKING LOUDLY WITH NO BUILD UP AND THEN stops and is mellow again...

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