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  1. Equally conditioned with the same products?

  2. Same products yes, equally conditioned wouldn’t be possible to answer. The travelers are definitely more dried out right now, this picture is after cleaning and before oiling both

  3. I think overlander or builderpro would be great. Ranger is a good if you want to skip the lugs.

  4. Is ranger the same as Overlander just with soft toe and no lug sole ?

  5. Depends on your current rate of wear. As long as the boots are still comfortable and you aren’t wearing into the white rubber layer, they should be fine for a little longer.

  6. I generally wear these for about half the construction season…once the bridge beams are put on I switch over to these. They still feel great, my only concern is pushing them to the point of a rebuild instead of a resole

  7. Not sure I understand your dictionary point. If the city DPW directly told the contractor to dump in this exact city road then I would say it was sanctioned.

  8. There was zero coordination between the Terminal and the DPW. The snow ended up on Terminal property which the terminal did not consent to. Of course saving lives is above literally everything else, but to act as though everyone was in agreement is incorrect. The enormous load of the snow was risking structural damage and water damage and the city finally agreed to not only stop dumping there but move it so the parking garage under the pavement wouldn’t collapse. The terminal is undergoing a master plan, seeking developers and is an active construction site. The dumped ruined an art piece that my office paid for, a number of mature trees, and a lawn table the Terminal set up as a community gathering space.

  9. Thats all fine. My only point it that when it was being used it was a sanctioned dump site by the city and it wasn’t some rogue contractors just doing what they want. I never once said they talked to the terminal or that everything was in agreement. What piece of art was ruined and what table was ruined? I assume you actually went out there if your making these claims

  10. That fat welt(? it’s stitchdown, innit, what do I call the pulled upper) is such a looooook

  11. One with no auto off. I made it into a cave. You can do a google search and find more info about it. It’s gaining popularity

  12. I see those heating pads. Seems like a lot of reviews say they won’t be warm enough for the chicks outside with just that. I do have an insulated cat house I was thinking I could use as the cave and put the heating pad in it

  13. Mine stayed high 90s, I checked it regularly the first day then a few times a day for the next week. It was plenty warm for them. Like I said it was 18 out that first night and they did great

  14. At what point did you get remove the heat completely

  15. Man I got these in the 1964 brown and these have made me seriously regret it. I love them but that’s some damn nice looking leather on those

  16. What a great feeling! I just got the same exact pair in a few weeks ago. The 1964 leather breaks in like a dream.

  17. Yeah that’s what my travelers are. They look amazing after a year too. Only regret is not noticing they are celastic toe, would have gone unstructured if I had noticed.

  18. Nothing is so bad about them. I just like the unstructured look better but not a huge deal

  19. Are the blades for sure mulching? Do they match the old ones?

  20. Changed from the stock blades to gator blades

  21. What kind of work? If it’s work that the boots take a lot of abrasion like electrician or flooring maybe stick with a work leather. If it’s something like roofing the outsole matters a lot more. If you say your occupation it will greatly help with recommendations.

  22. Road and bridge construction. Can be a fairly harsh environment on the boots

  23. I would mix it up; I have The James which is primarily Black CXL, Chocolate Smooth Urban Loggers, Black over Walnut BuilderPros, Black Heritage over work R/O moc toes, and a pair of Brown Waxed Flesh Urban Loggers that shipped today.

  24. I like the thought of having different colors, only concern is if the predator orange is not as robust as the 1964 brown

  25. Little late to this but why JKS of Nicks if you don’t mind me asking? Was about to pull the trigger on Nicks recently.

  26. They are real handmade boots that actually last a long time and can be rebuilt. If your using the hard they will last you a lot longer than any non handmade boot

  27. Excuse me, let me rephrase. Why jks over nicks. I apologize lol. It’s been a long day as I’m sure you understand haha.

  28. Honestly that comment was probably more in the moment of what boot I had been wearing the most at that time. I think they are equally great

  29. Thank you for your submission! If you posted your machines model number, you're good to go. If you haven't, please do so ASAP. You can either edit your post, or just drop it in the comments.

  30. Just doesn’t seal good it’s not torn just not in its correct form anymore

  31. I would recommend getting the HNW if you want the moderate heel, especially if you’ll be working in them.

  32. Would it be weird to do the work Ltt in a moderate heel? Can’t decide if I should just stick to what works or add a new flavor to the mix

  33. I have ND1s which are HNW last with moderate heel/arch. I think other people will agree that even Nick’s “moderate” heel is higher than most other “non-logger” heeled boots.

  34. Road and bridge construction. I like the high arch and logger heel I just already have two of those so I’m looking to have some variety with the next one

  35. Are boot scrapers safe for boots or to rough on them

  36. You know like the boot brush that you put outside your door and it has brushes on the bottom and sides to clean your boots off

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