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  1. Even mindreader need clarifications. Guys like this are often the ones that say, "Nothing," when asked what is wrong...

  2. As a gay person I say fuck them. I can’t stand hyper liberals who can only accept what they believe but can’t accept someone else’s beliefs which btw isn’t being liberal. They’re hypocrites with sticks up their asses and need to get over themselves.

  3. Generally, no. DNS translates domain names to IPs. So naughty URLs would still show up in the logs. You could set up a DNS server that reroutes, say youtube to redtube, but A) I'm not sure if redtube servers would respond, and B) you'd still have revealing paths, like /milf, /bbc, etc in the logs.

  4. The only disappointment in my life is people who try to impose their super-maturity on me.

  5. These kitties are so cute and adorable they don't look real!!

  6. Rent a bike, google some trails and then take them. SO lovely here.

  7. Here's some of the OG responses from

  8. THIS is the best answer to the original post's question.

  9. Well Zack that is kind and great of you!

  10. Both can be true. He's an asshole and any Starbucks person who doesn't give you a venti when you ask for a large is an asshole. (I realize they now have a larger size, calm down Starbuck defenders.)

  11. "You're not wrong, Walter. You're just an asshole."

  12. Yes, and I think this is squished to the side since the seam is usually at the base, and the stem would point up at the top once it was all transformed...

  13. These are self-reporting adults, so you know it is much higher...

  14. Dear reporter of this post: The majority of this article is about the University of Virginia shooting, not the Idaho murders.

  15. I know. What is fascinating about all this is that the UVA shooting is in the national headlines and the Idaho murders (4 dead) are going unreported, and unrecognized entirely!

  16. they are starting to reveal the details: four murdered near Univ. of Idaho campus with an edged knife... a crime of passion they are claiming...

  17. Not very organized but great for customer morale!!!

  18. He was the "good guy with the gun..."

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