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  1. i have a second monitor i use to play baby sensory videos and that usually works fine, i just have to take breaks to jump on my indoor miniature trampoline occasionally

  2. prove thyself - blood points, decisive strike - blood points, potential energy - blood points/it’s funny, flash bang - it’s funny

  3. i was playing killer today and someone told me to "play in your own region" what does this mean

  4. As it should be. No point completely destroying a big bad card.

  5. i’ve actually never watched him does anyone have a good one to recommend as a first

  6. i kind of think ex humor is on the outs while self deprecating humor is in. not really that creative of a joke as i think i heard an almost identical one in middle school

  7. The meta irony one is incorrect, "I pee in bed" is also ironic

  8. tierlist goes from “op” to “decent” i think you could use some nuance/less exaggeration also having “main” as the top tier doesn’t make sense as for most people they don’t main the most overpowered character because it’s over powered and thirtly being “op with major downsides” is just being balanced it’s almost like characters have pros and cons idiot

  9. op literally learned why steve is banned in the replies and said oh that makes sense

  10. To be fungible means to be no different from each other and being completely interchangeable. A dollar is fungible with a dollar, an euro with an euro, a phlogistinator with a phlogistinator and so on. In that way they are fungible. But a phlogistinator is not fungible with a panic attack for example, just as how a dollar is not fungible with a euro.

  11. every tf2 item has a specific number associated with it to tell them apart if you go to some trade sites you can see them. there was a way to duplicate items back in the day so they would have the same number and so yes they were fungible but that was patched so idk anymore

  12. Of course not. Some off-meta decks can still creep their way into leaderboards and whatnot. But an off-meta deck with the objectively worst cards in the game possible probably can't..

  13. leaderboards don’t fucking matter there is no such thing as an “objectively worse card”

  14. Ofc there are objectively bad cards? You know, like cards that can’t even properly do the only single job they’re supposed to do, like Wizard for example? You seriously don’t know what you’re talking about.

  15. Illustrators are often asked to create cityscapes that are impossible to do without forcing different perspectives and literally moving areas around. The client will often want to show multiple (a list usually) points of interest that are iconic to the cityscape like bridges, rivers, buildings turned so you can see them, etc. This is a style of illustration that is not meant to be 100% literal. This artist did a gorgeous job of it. Take a look at most well employed illustrators who do this for editorial mags.

  16. i doubt this was on purpose but yeah i’m sure every single fucked up building and road is iconic in this photo, get a life

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