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  1. You could look at the civil service... keep looking regularly and all kinds of stuff comes up not just office based roles and many will consoder transferable soft skills over experience...border force, maritime inspection officers, armed forces welfare officers etc.

  2. Shit your bass is dead? My condolences

  3. yeah, dead cool with it’s pink strings 😎

  4. The real question is does it love fingering as much as my mother

  5. Hi I'm from the adoption team with the council and we have a family ready and waiting....

  6. The fuck did you watch? They were the better side from start to finish. They didn't commit players forward as much because they were winning for most of the match.

  7. Sure city were the better side but had utd taken those few chances we could have snatched a win. This wasn't a drubbing like many predicted and we had half a chance to get a result.

  8. Partly because the Golden Glove judges the defence and team as a whole, too. Imo Alisson was clearly the keeper of the season. Behind a weaker backline, he prevented more xG, swept off his line better and played out from the back way better.

  9. Yeah the other year Pope was robbed by Ederson. The gulf in difference between the two defences couldn't be wider.

  10. Ah yeh I wasn't clear in fairness. I'm not using the Guardian as an example of unbiased articles. But I do think the guardian tends to have a different opinion than the Telegraph. Main point is that the media tends to have differing points of view on things cause each outlet panders to a different audience.

  11. I've seen more and more click bait on the guardian lately

  12. Might one suggest thay if you suspect you are not long for this world (I hope that's not the case) but perhaps some less than ethical perhaps not entirely kosher options are worth considering of your unlikely to see the consequences should you be found out.

  13. Judging by the chants when we play them, he was probably egged on by most of the fans around him and classed as a 'legend'

  14. Let's not pretend every group of supporters aren't full of cunts. Plenty of "Chelsea rent boys" or "munich' chants.

  15. I've unfortunately done this and was fine.

  16. The 7 series and S class are both lovely cars too.

  17. My really boring answer would be house instead. I did the same before buying a 370Z. And ultimately, houses appreciate (cars typically don't). Sucks, but probably better in the long run.

  18. Funny thing is house's are stagnating and even ever so slightly dropping whilst cars are still crazy high....let's all sell our houses and buy 10 year old performance cars 😅

  19. Well I have a splitting headache and I can see number 2 so how can I believe anything else this lying POS says

  20. Pro union nazis are a fun oxymoron

  21. Just thought I'd share the irony of the fact that immediately after this post was a UK armes forces recruitment Ad. 😬

  22. There’s intolerant Christians for sure. But Islam never had a reformation. Whereas most Christians will abide criticism of Christianity, you get in BIG trouble for criticizing Islam in any Islamic nation. Like it’s cute to say “everything is bad”, but clearly Christianity allowed for gay and women’s rights, secular thinking, religious critique, etc. So there’s something to the idea that Christianity is more tolerant.

  23. Woman's rights...I'd wager there are alot of woman who would disagree ... even in "secular" nations like the US Christian influence has seen abortion rights eroded

  24. I agree, but objectively, would you say that women in those nations have less rights than women in Islamic nations? I’m genuinely asking.

  25. Also worth remembering alot of nations known Africa have a Christian/Islamic divide or have transitioned from Christian to Islamic faith and equality rights have hardly shifted

  26. I thought for a it was paddy Power...aye that's because I've just been on the site for my £1 free bet but still. I was worried we would have an Ivan Toney situation

  27. What an ignorant comment. Gun control advocates aren't calling for the police to be disarmed. There isn't a single recognized country in the world where police have been disarmed. This wasn't a random murder. It was an agent of the government shooting an unarmed civilian. This type of shit is largely reason the founding fathers felt the need for a second amendment. To have a chance at fighting tyranny. Your solution is for the tyrants to take away any ability to fight back.

  28. Just to point out that the UK police have largely been disarmed. Most officers do not carry a firearm. Its only specialist firearm officers who do. The vast majority of officers have a tazer and a can of mace along with an extendable baton.

  29. My son has been learning about rhyming words...his favourite seem right be "bad dad" so that's fun to have on repeat

  30. Only a circa 40% chance he's going to slap you about just not in the consensual sexu way

  31. The Pope Francis once officiated a training match with laizo

  32. I thought he was more into Young boys?

  33. Here is a fun fact, Marcos Alonso is a convicted murderer yet he is still playing football to this day.

  34. He wasn't convicted of murder though. He was convicted of motoring offenses hence the suspended sentence and fine he paid as well as victim compensation

  35. Imagine if the old punishments for thievery were still around. Don't think there'd be as many doing it with that hanging over their heads.

  36. Harsher punishment does not result in less crime. Just look at violent crime, drug and homicide rates in the US...

  37. You've missed the point. We can see plenty of examples of harsher punishment and higher crime rates and softer punishment and lower crime rates as well as in the case of Singapore the opposite.

  38. Tbf indiscriminate killing is a core Value of Raytheon

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