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  1. Lmao no he isn't. The company is called Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC, just take 2 seconds to look it up.

  2. Where is your link? You said it takes 2 seconds to find. It has been 16 hours.

  3. No, that is CNN saying HUNTER'S LAWYER is saying that. See the difference there????

  4. I am guessing Ibiza, Palma, and Menorca, although the geographic accuracy on that coin is...impressionistic.

  5. More and More stores don't take cash. They'll have Self check outs that are ' Card ' only. Then only 1 Person working a register that takes cash.

  6. American governments seize innocent people's $ and property all the time via "civil asset forfeiture." Often, police departments get a cut of the seized value, so it is an income stream for them. It is "civil," so burden of proof is lower. It is fucking horrible.

  7. The OTC tests are a cotton swab up the nose. No chemicals to ingest, etc.

  8. Hahahahaha!!! Love this perspective. Besides Nashville and Campbell what’s in Tn (aka: black hole)

  9. I lived in TN for 7 years and have zero clue what "Campbell" is.

  10. Straddling state lines must be a TN specialty, I guess (thinking of Bristol).

  11. It can re-set physiologically / chemically. But, it takes time.

  12. Related, dopamine affects motivation. And alcohol abuse messes up natural dopamine production (alcohol consumptipn spikes dopamine ("motivating" you to drink again) while suppressing natural / healthy dopamine production for other things).

  13. I think it is highly individual. I have taken it and had zero issues w/ incidental alcohol in restaurant food, toiletries, etc. Never drank on it or had rum cake, etc, and have zero intention of testing that obv limit.

  14. Are you swimming in a swim suit or in fatigues, boots, etc? Big damn difference.

  15. Not ethical, not polite, and definitely NOT going to be looked on kindly by others.

  16. I have literally never met anyone who was a serious problem drinker who ALSO had periods of months-long sobriety here-and-there who, being honest, did not 100% know that their life - in every facet - was better sober than drinking.

  17. I'd go and be open and honest about the whole damn thing. I suspect very strongly it will do you and some folks in that room a world of good.

  18. Awareness of water pressure / resistance and changes in same. Sometimes you want resistance (eg a good catch with your stroke). Sometimes you don't ( eg streamline off a wall).

  19. At minimum, likely liver and kidney function, as alcohol abuse is hell on those organs. Hopefully it is more comprehensive and checks thyroid function, vitamin and mineral levels, platelet counts, etc. Heavy drinkers are often malnourished bc of bad eating habits and malabsorption of nutrients due to the booze.

  20. Yes. Inflation (to a degree) is absolutely a deliberate strategy used by govts for their own ends at the detriment of citizens.

  21. US law has a long-standing doctrine that speaks to your question of "why believe someone who says they're racist?" It is called "admission against interest" and basically boils down to "why would someone tell a lie that harms THEM?"

  22. I can't help with identification but at first glance I though that was 2 halves of an oreo

  23. Might want to be a bit discreet about your plan to get rich off of the metal value of legal tender US coins. Pretty sure that hoarding and melting US coins for that purpose is a big ol' felony.

  24. The physical mechanics and behavior involved in duck mating is SERIOUSLY weird and kinda disturbing from a human POV. See link.

  25. Trust me, I'm used to bills and paying my own way in life, I have a part time job so my day is always full. I have to work otherwise money will run out. I don't get ill until after midday, then it starts to take a turn for the worst. But other than that I feel alight?

  26. Basically, you're saying, "I get materially physically ill EVERY DAY like CLOCKWORK, but I am okay for the first 10ish hours awake, so this is no cause for alarm, right?"

  27. Well, one variable that you will have to deal with soon is that real life is a metric fuck ton harder and less forgiving than college. So THAT won't work in favor of long-term FA status for you.

  28. Yes, but they are "but for" results of their parents' illegal immigration. As such, to disregard their economic impact in assessing immigration policy is sophistry and would lead to ill-informed / incomplete decision-making.

  29. Okay, so what is the favored immigration policy? I'm all for closed borders, but that would increase the costs you're talking about?

  30. Here are my general thoughts. And note well I am married to and have children with a naturalized American citizen, and we followed every law and rule to the letter. So, no knee-jerk accusations of xenophobia, please.

  31. China "mistakenly" forced US diplomats to undergo anal swabs in Feb 2021. See link.

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