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  1. I have two questions. One is that why does my game automatically report the bodies when I'm near them, it sucks as an impostor because it gives me immediately away. And then the second question is, that why does my task list keep going to the smaller state, where the tasks are unseen? It bothers me because it does that all the time and I dont remember all of my tasks.

  2. The first one sounds like a bug, but it's not one I've heard of before. You can submit a bug report

  3. This wasn't my experience during my short stint working at a daycare. This is super anecdotal, but if the kids at that daycare I worked at got a bit too rowdy or we just needed a break one of the tools in our arsenal was asking if they wanted to watch a movie (the answer was always a loud and enthousiastic "YES!"). This was either the year Frozen came out or the year after, but either way, Frozen was a super popular choice. The second-most popular choice was an old Tom & Jerry DVD that had a whole bunch of short cartoons that were light on plot and heavy on the slapstick violence. Kids LOVED the Tom & Jerry cartoons. Frozen left them transfixed but T&J had them laughing, like, all the time.

  4. Any Disc servers that use vc? I've never tried it before and would like to

  5. The invite is old. Are there any active big discord servers still? I just got into the game and public lobbies are getting kinda boring.

  6. I hope this is still there when I get home from work so I can look at them and feel nostalgic

  7. Someone posted a torrent file which (allegedly) has a bunch of seeders at 100% (I wouldn't know)

  8. Among Us has full cross-play, but it doesn't have built-in voice chat.

  9. I feel a bit dumb but what does /n do in ToH lobbies? And how do you see what platform the host is on?

  10. If you type /n in a ToH lobby it shows which roles are active, if you're in an unmodded lobby it only shows you saying /n.

  11. Ty for the /n explanation, my confusion with the PC thing is that you said “if you find a console or mobile player” - is there some way to see if that’s the cse beyond just asking?

  12. When you're in a lobby you can see through the friends list what platform each player is on, though you'd still have to ask which of the players is the host.

  13. Yea it’s the among us developers who said they would do that…I can give you the link

  14. It was just a Twitter meme for Cursed Friday :p

  15. i actually wish they added that... it actually looks quite funny, in a good way, if you think about it

  16. Technically we already have a couple of kill animations that involve these hands :p

  17. The Scream mask at least isn't theirs to do with as they please, it's owned by the Scream franchise. It was part of a collaboration that was temporary to promote their latest movie.

  18. This is really good! And the prompt is really fitting for Among Us fanart!

  19. That is a good point, i could effectively make the edge of the map how far you can get from the base station before your fuel runs out.

  20. I would recommend against this. I can't think of a single game that implemented fuel management (or mechanics similar to it) in a way that felt fun.

  21. Swarm (1998) is a space ship shooter game that had a large but limited play space that looped around itself if you went in one direction for long enough. It's not something you really noticed as a player except in a handful of levels (like one that was full of rocks, where if you stuck around long enough, you ended up in an area where you'd cleared the rocks before). And even if you knew, I don't think anyone was bothered by it.

  22. Yes, but it takes a little while longer for iOS to update. It should arrive soon, if it's not there already.

  23. Updating a game after 2 years (of presumably few to no updates), reworking the entire code base? All signs point towards making a sequel (or spin-off) instead. People might want updates but what that means differs from person to person, and players tend to not like changes to something they're familiar with (such as UI or graphics).

  24. Others have already explained how hard it is trying to market your game outside of game-dev related spaces, and just how hostile gaming audiences can be to being shown something you've worked on. But also - it's less like opening a restaurant and advertising to other restaurant owners, and more like being an artist and commissioning/being commissioned by other artists... which is a rather common occurence.

  25. I’ve had tons of games where somebody tries to say the dead player was sus.

  26. I've done this myself once by accident. Thought someone was acting weird, went on and said that, turned out they were dead :(

  27. They're a group of virtual idols - popular anime vtubers basically. They're big fans of Among Us and Henry Stickmin, and have been streaming the games a bunch.

  28. You can't merge Playstation accounts with any of the others, sorry :/

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