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  1. I'm not being homophobic. You're missing the point completely. Keep looking for things to be offended by though.

  2. I worked with this guy and his sister at his second job. He was kind, genuine, full of laughs and kept to himself most of the time. It’s all fun and games to some people until it’s someone close to home. Rest easy man✊🏼

  3. Oof knowing that it wasn’t the standard valley infighting makes it much worse. He was only a year older than me. Sorry for your loss :(

  4. My point is not that they don’t work or don’t save lives. My point is that there is also a down side that you have to consider and weigh against the upside. It is also true that if you discourage cycling then less people will cycle and there will be less cycling casualties. Hooray? You are getting the reduction at the expense of other positive benefits.

  5. I cycle and don’t wear a helmet (roast me if you want, they’re inconvenient, a pain to store and carry around and they’re uncomfortable), I obviously lean more towards relaxing the helmet laws. However, I think we’d need to vastly improve biking infrastructure throughout the state, and make our streets more bike and pedestrian friendly if that were to happen. At the moment I avoid the road whenever possible to make up for the lack of protection. Call it stupid but I started riding my bike in Germany where it’s allowed and I much prefer not wearing one.

  6. I've sold my car a year ago and have been cycling since. Has made great improvements in my quality of life.

  7. I sold mine at the start of 2021 and it’s been pretty awesome for me too. Just wish there were better bike lanes through the city and out to the suburbs.

  8. Yes, the English language needs slash commands

  9. My thought too, people so detached from the real costs of the housing situation in Queensland because they’re too concerned about their profit margins. Affordable and convenient housing should be a right, not something pending on a few wealthy investors.

  10. I haven’t finished reading this but I have worked for a John like this in my old kitchen. Hope you’re doing better now. #fuckjohn

  11. Absolutely. This happened when I was 19, working there was definitely a big lesson on what I shouldn’t tolerate.

  12. You might want to consider a career as a NEBOSH Health and Safety Exam Paper writer.

  13. Ahahahah. My hidden talent maybe. I don’t know if I could replicate this though, my essays are reserved for people I uh harbor very negative feelings towards.

  14. These comments are why we can’t have nice things. Annoyed that cyclists get in the way but discouraging separated bike lanes, where’s the logic. You’re right though, there needs to be a more direct way to go to/from/through the valley

  15. i also broke my fib while bouldering! i would definitely clear with your doctor before walking around too much because it could displace the fracture or just impede healing. i was put into a walking boot very early on so they might do the same for you if you're rly trying to walk. it's clunky and not ideal but at least it keeps everything in one place.

  16. Ayeeee! Do you mind me asking, how long until you were able to climb again?

  17. That might be a nice happy medium to keep me active while I heal!

  18. i'm gay and conflicted by whether it should be renamed since everybody was homophobic back then, but what i'm not conflicted by is people being vehemently in favor of somebody who was problematic at best.

  19. Haha right? I didn’t really care until I saw people defending a homophobe so much

  20. I’m in isolation at the moment unfortunately, just tested positive for covid but I’ll definitely book that in as soon as I’m out

  21. Whenever you get medical treatment make sure you tell them this happened at work (they tick a special box on the forms).

  22. I’m assuming so! I hadn’t served him prior in the night though so I don’t think he recognized me as an employee

  23. Everyone keeps saying BHA But personally it didn’t nothing for me but irritate my skin. Prescription tretinoin was the only thing that was able to improve the look of my pores and prevent clogs and large Sfs.

  24. Tretinoin for the win, I got prescribed it to use on my chest but it’s worked wonders on my face.

  25. I’m waiting for my wire to arrive and the instructions from my ortho was to wear nightly until a few days before and then wear full time in the three days leading up.

  26. I had a similar issue. Being able to touch your front teeth for the first time is wild.

  27. Does anyone know if there is any political will to remove the motorway along the river. A lot of European cities in the late 20th century were able to reclaim these spaces and replace them with Public green spaces and it really does wonders for the culture of a city. Just curious!

  28. Good public transport options could significantly reduce the need for city connections to the motorway, then you can tunnel from north quay to woolloongaba, in theory.

  29. Okay so what would you call the act of people who KNOW they were positive still going OUT because they have just had such a rougggggh two years (like everyone else in the fucking world??).

  30. Uh yeah that wasn’t the point of the comment to your post. Obviously people that knowingly go out and infect people are assholes and should be punished/fined. People wanting to go out and drink on New Years, while maybe not the smartest, have a reasonable motivation to do so.

  31. What do you suggest? I've not found anything new since about 2014 that I actually like except a couple one-off hits

  32. I mean there are so many different and great types of music out there that it’s kind of impossible to run out IMO. Perhaps your problem is not being able to efficiently find new music?

  33. Ways you can find new music, Spotify radio, look up the song credits and find the producer’s works, YouTube playlists, YouTube dj channels (my analog journal is fantastic), even just searching up a mood on Spotify and searching through the playlists.

  34. Has anyone been up to RBWH and the Fever Clinic lately for a covid test? What have the waiting times been like the last couple of days?

  35. I went on Christmas and it was a 30 minute process, around 2pm

  36. Not yet but I was told from one of the other staff members, the infected person was another member of staff

  37. Don’t be surprised if you never hear from QH. I’m in the same situation from Tuesday.

  38. Yeah my expectations are quite low at this point, what’s worse is that our venue has mandatory check in’s so there’s no excuse to not receive a message.

  39. That's Saturday morning. There's also others in the valley before that on Friday night.

  40. This exposure was during the night so I dare say it still needs to be updated. The person that came to our venue was only there for about 30 minutes so it’s likely they were at other venues that night too. Take everything I say with a grain of salt though, I haven’t been contacted directly from the health department, just from my higher up.

  41. I mean she's not wrong twice as many kids have died from the vaccine than from covid. Look it up

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