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  1. “Childhood trauma” + “Abuse”— what Hilaria is reposting as relatable.

  2. Doesn’t it seem like she thought #7 would make life more like pre-Griftmas?

  3. "Prison is looking better every day, " mutters Alec on his way to his apartment.

  4. We should all be “Hilaria” for Halloween.

  5. She tries to make it seem like it's something really hard to explain or a long story, but it's not. Nobody is asking for the specific dates on her passport or even the total number of times she visited... just a short summary... like "I went to third grade in X city" or "we would go for a few weeks every summer." I doubt she's been more than a few weeks total and I'm not even sure she's ever even been to her parents' place in Mallorca as an adult.

  6. I just noticed that she filtered the shit out of Alec. His legs are so thin.

  7. I think Papi's been giving her a lot of shit about Siete being home and the timing of this wonderful event

  8. Probably not. And neither does JLo. (Well, badly... worse than Hillary actually.)

  9. Yeah, JLo's spoken many times about how embarrassed she is she can't speak Spanish so this book is...a choice

  10. How did I miss this tidbit? There was an IG without limited comments?!! Pure gold! I had no idea that's what her post about her letting us know what he teaches her was about. Still waiting for those pearls of wisdom from Mr. Intellect himself. The guy who wasn't smart enough to figure out his wife wasn't actually Spanish.

  11. lol i guess they’re still on “hiatus”

  12. May be it Was a hot day? So hard for me to believe that she can be so negligent

  13. Tell me she didn't really choose to leave her newborn on a cold bathroom floor because she had to post on Instagram?? Sick bitch.

  14. May explain her extended absence and the pic of them all wearing or carrying masks for no apparent reason. Haven't seen masks since.

  15. I want to be Norwegian lol. Those girls are so beautiful. I’ve been to Oslo twice. That counts? Right? Haha

  16. So, by wearing a shirt that says Spain it proves your Spanish?…. If we are going by our shirts saying what we are, I can accordingly say I am a ninja turtle, DMX, a jazz venue, and a Texan. Good to know.

  17. Apparently, my partner was in the Dead Kennedys and is a professional prize fighter! It's all there in the shirts...who knew?!

  18. They make it sound lovely. But that kitchen floor... 🤮 gross. Also, why would a man who pretends he quit drugs and drinking back on Feb 23, 1885 have a wine tasting room in that mansion? It just doesn’t add up.

  19. Yep, exactly. Baby is younger here than she has been in earlier pics. This is a baby on her first day home.

  20. Thank u! This wandering stages of development thing was driving me nuts! I guess Larry Jr's age is like her Mamí's accent -- fluctuating

  21. Oh of course. That’s her modus operandi. How she always does. Keep throwing feces at the wall til it sticks. We got her number though.

  22. Yup, got that tag showing and put her in a heavy, hooded, too-big onesie she doesn't need yet

  23. I was reading El Pais last week in line and they had a blurb about Hillary and #7 and they called her of Spanish origins.

  24. I'm just thankful she abandoned the fauxccent when she said "she did" back to Leo. Rare.

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