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  1. JQ crib gives two sides to draw a run of three, whereas KQ leaves only the jack for that draw.

  2. Everyone forgets that Jack scores nobs in your own crib. It’s the single best face card to have in your crib. If you could give your opponent a face card you’d likely want to give a K, Q, or a 10 in that order. You’d never give the jack for fear of them getting knobs. If you’re playing that way, you’re opponent is playing that way. Meaning your crib is loaded with those cards. You supply the Jack for yourself. Don’t worry it will score nobs still ;)

  3. As a UK fan it’s late one for me again, spare a thought for your British brothers, I will be getting an early night so I can wake up at 2am and watch the fights!

  4. We’re spoiled to have these incredible PPVs back to back

  5. BRO I was going crazy that no one was pointing that out. I’m from Canada and these prices are crazy low

  6. Cool stuff bro! Let’s get another win tho 👍

  7. Or a pokeball. "Guys, I can't believe they foreshadowed Voltorb in the first episode!"

  8. lol ok peeps. Google chandelier. Google lantern. Are they black and spindly?

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