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  1. I'm not sure that this is traditionally a Hellenic artifact. It might be, but I always heard of this as a Turkish folk tradition. obviously, there's a lot of overlap here but I would read anything that can trace the origins, one way or the other. My partner is a Turkish folklorist, and the Nazar is part of our life. She seems to parse out a lot of things between the Turks and the Greeks. I'll have to ask her about this as a Hellenic object.

  2. The concept of the evil eye is widespread in the Mediterranean. But the charms vary. Nazar is Turkish but other charms are associated with other regions like the Mano figa which is associated with regions once under Roman and Greek rule in ancient times (including Siciliy, Italy, Spain, etc).

  3. It's not always negative, most of the time the mind makes it scary. I've had pleasurable sleep paralysis episodes a well. Controlling sp hallucinations is possible, works just like with a lucid dream.

  4. Do you have an example of how sleep paralysis can be an enjoyable experience in a dream?

  5. If you learn to control the hallucination during SP, you can hallucinate or let's say materialize anything that is pleasant for you e.g. floating around in your room blissfully, or even a partner sexually pleasuring you... These will feel very vivid and real. And that's how sleep paralysis is the gateway to lucid dreaming and astral projection.

  6. I think thats called leaving your body. Paralysis is being unable move your body.

  7. Without knowing any specifics, what I usually do is start finding the good things in my life, no matter how small. I focus on them by caring for them more, and working in those environments or fields more. And then the good starts to grow. When I find myself caught in a negative experience, I move my attention again to something good, and I move towards it. Sometimes I have to work hard at something that is truly screwed up and broken. If I feel bogged down by the pain of my suffering, I supplement it with something good, something that works, people that I love, situations that I thrive in, creations through which I am inspired. Some people can tolerate a lot of suffering and can concentrate and work through it. I am not one of those people, so I do it little by little when a situation is loaded with past karma that takes a lot of work to get out of. And I do enough good things in my life that are positive and make me feel empowered that it makes the difficult things shrink away into near annihilation. This is how you can use your attention to focus on the good. It's not just simply some pretty words that are meant to change your mindset in a few minutes. It's not an intellectual activity. It takes work in the physical. And it's a constant concentration exercise.

  8. Bc the gov loves that we are so split in two, to keep the people divided we are easier to control, they create the illusion of right and left so won’t realize it’s us vs the gov

  9. Stop rephrasing right wing propaganda, the rich assholes want the government gone so they have to pay no taxes and can do whatever they want. It's the financial and industrial elites that want us divided.

  10. It seems like it might be that you are motivated towards achievement. But that you just have bad taste. Some achievements are trivial. And are more of a self indulgence leading nowhere. You could use some courage. To face challenges in relationship to long term achievements. Short-term gratification isn't actually much of a search for power at all, just a lulling effect, to the point of dullness or pacification.

  11. They're only bullshit if you don't take their advice. I've also been in and out of therapy most of my entire life. Since about the age of 11 or so. I can now tell a bad therapist in about 20 minutes and it's about a 50-50 a good one unless you pick them yourself. Some therapists don't challenge you, and don't do anything but give you information of what you can do to take care of yourself. Other therapist actually walk you into new places in your mind and show you how absurd you are. How much you love to avoid doing the right thing. And how much time you waste running your mouth in therapy.

  12. It really depends, because some people will try to talk you out of your desires, or tell you that you're silly. Some things you need to keep to yourself, and order to protect the thought-form development, and it's manifestation. Other things will just spread because of the projection of an image by communication. A lot of material desires manifest by Word of mouth and I agree completely. I've been able to travel the country, trade my skills for rent, and live a very interesting life, because I simply communicate with others, and in a way that makes people want to help. And I also support their desires, as a relationship of mutual support.

  13. People only "talk you out of your desire" or tear you down due to your own reflexion, you have doubts so they will, everyone is you pushed out, they are mirroring your doubts, yes I also do agree with you to keep things to yourself, naturally that's the best, but just saying those talking out are from you. There is nothing outside of your from your reality, it's all you.

  14. This is me being a listener for you to talk to yourself. I agree completely.

  15. If possible, a little of everything! It would likely be juried, meaning that vendors are selected by the hosts after submitting an app. It would be best to avoid having too many similar vendors.

  16. This sounds very good. I hope to attend as a maker. But I am new to the market environment and I live in NF.

  17. "The bad news is, you are falling with nothing to hold onto. The good news is, there is no ground."

  18. Thanks for the reply. Did you do a lot of sports in high school? Also may I ask how tall are you?

  19. Okay, makes sense. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your fitness level leaving high school and how would you rate it now after working in your career for a few years? You don't have to answer the height question, but I care because I want to get an idea of your build. I'm assuming you're biologically male?

  20. I would laugh and say, "of course. Not bad. You just should have meditated longer and with more dedication."

  21. This is interesting because the less I move around or exert myself the more intense my experience is. I use walking or other activities when I want to shift focus.

  22. Sitting outside on the ground. Looking at nature. Exploring my own mind and talking with others if I'm not by myself. I don't use electronics or do a lot of sense input. But I am usually unable to use them anyway. And I get bored with it. I enjoy my own ideas and my own dialogue. I write down good ideas, if I am able to.

  23. Not at all. A lot of early Demonologists where Priests of some kind or another.

  24. Some parts of Europe went almost straight from folk music/gypsy to dance music. I know in the Middle East they have Arabesque. Which is their version of country music. Being like the folk music, but commercialized and nostalgic for modern listeners.

  25. Lots of nerds on reddit are dogmatically married to a worship of established science and feel the need to discipline you if you tread anywhere near the territory of spirituality or esotericism because they have no imagination. It is the old stereotype of the reddit user who is religiously atheistic.

  26. It's funny, there are a lot of music 'theories'. The title of this sub implies the theoretical. But here there are only a handful of (predictable?) theories that people tend to use here. I have only been on reddit for a couple of years but there hasn't been much for me here musicwise. I didn't get trained using school band, classical music, or any notation. I found my way to Indian Ragas and Turkish Makam, through the mysitical, folk traditions of music that I liked the sound of, Bulgarian Gaida, Persian Setar, The Overtone series. Shakuhachi. Hazrat Inayat Khan. All kinds of stuff really. Reddit is mostly blank on other music theories in general. I'm not tech savvy enough to find the little crevice of nerds into the same stuff online.

  27. I mean, if you wanna go that way then sure. Neptune is A, and Saturn is D. Why not? You could do something with that - people have written music around the planets and made all kinds of associations. Venus is the God of love , my star sign is Virgo so my ruling planet is Mercury etc.

  28. I make my own game to a large degree. Whenever I feel like things seem scripted, it's usually because I am not taking time to be still and turn inward. Like I am just moving from one thing to the next. When I slow down and cease all input, I regain consciousness and start making more decisions naturally.

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