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  1. Yeah older bears were bigger and better quality so the clothes were bigger and better quality. Even the cub condos were big! I was so mad when they started decreasing their sizes and made the cub condos so tiny looking that the bear barely fits inside. 😑 This is also a pain when you want to put new clothes on old Buildabears, they barely fit and look like when a kid wears their old toddler clothes as a four year old..

  2. This happened to me a couple months ago. If you’re on ios you could try to do what I did!

  3. Did you find all of those at once?! Or are these all the ones you’ve found at goodwill over time?

  4. That’s insane! So jealous! 5 of those I’ve seen searching for at goodwill for years and never found! This must have been from someone’s collection they just donated. Incredibly lucky find.

  5. I wish you could set out the fish you catch like on Animal Crossing.. I’d love to display my axo in my house.

  6. It’s possible someone here will be able to answer so fingers crossed 💕

  7. The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck travels around the US, and there are two of them (the east loop and west loop). I follow @hellokittycafetruck on instagram to follow where it’s going

  8. I accidentally placed my plot in a place I don’t want to be! Does anybody know if I can undo the placement or move it?

  9. You just need to hold down and when you see red, release and it should go back! :)

  10. Yes it is! Naiad fountain+coastal table+stone tub :)

  11. Oh, sad day. I can never get good furniture from those.

  12. Yeah, I usually have bad luck on them too, but actually not for Spring! I had terrible luck all Fall and Winter not getting anything I wanted. I think it just depends.

  13. I highly approve of this. And completely agree with the game changers!

  14. Ugh all I’ve been getting are Egyptian stuff, pirate stuff, and weird sh*t like hanging bug parts 😑

  15. So Chi like Tsuki and Moca likes Chi. Ouch.

  16. Did moca really mention that

  17. He implied it before. When him and Tsuki are playing Beyblades or something, Moca was like “whoever loses has to kiss Chi!”

  18. Shnuggle up and greet your mammy mammy mammy, hi there, hi there!

  19. So cute! Is that raincoat Buildabear brand? And the duck boots?

  20. Noooo 😂😂 I had no idea this was a thing

  21. Oh my!! So freaking adorable!! What brand is this little clowny dog?

  22. Yess!! I got her a few weeks ago! Precious! I love her little stub feet

  23. Me, who always keeps my volume off: this game has MUSIC?!

  24. Oh yes 😌 The bar is amazing. I was shocked when I first heard Scarlet singing at night. I must have stayed there for at least a half hour listening to her.

  25. I love the Solemn and Forest mixtapes! They are such beautiful re-workings of the Adventure themes.

  26. Same! I love both, but the Solemn mixtape is my absolute favorite. It’s so beautiful and calming. ☺️

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