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  1. Wow I wouldn’t go near that lgs again. Especially when the mini tins come out with 2 packs for the same price. What a rip off

  2. Well yeah they cost about $5 on Aliexpress but there’s gonna be fake most things that can be profitable

  3. I bought 6. 1st had secret rare pikachu and gold palkia other 5 had the same as this

  4. ya, back in the day I collected 4 of every gold card, I think I paid $40 for the plasma zards

  5. Sell one to me for $50. You make profit and I get a zard I’ve been after for ever

  6. Each to their own. I wouldn’t of spent that on those cards tbh

  7. I really enjoyed looking through your binder! Thanks for sharing. I never thought ti organize them like this

  8. Thanks. I’ve had them organised like this in an etb box for ages and needed to get them on view instead of hiding away. Except when they were organised I had them in release date order but putting the topps and the Japanese sets on first page didn’t look right so base set went in it’s place

  9. I paid £32.99 for this off Amazon with free shipping. Probably not as great a quality but 5* reviews and looks and feels nice so far.

  10. No worries! I am actually just a parent enjoying his son's new obsession with Pokémon. So how do I know what I am buying? He loves his new gold card though

  11. No worries. Maybe learn about your sons new hobby instead of buying the cheapest thing you could find on the internet.

  12. Just walked into a shop today, there they were! Happy kid when I bought. Not sure what this trading is about?

  13. Trading/ swapping his fake cards for other kids real cards

  14. Absolutely nothing if you’re only into the artwork. Unfortunately a lot of people have a stick up their butt over what’s more valuable

  15. Don’t know about you but I like to read my cards

  16. I’ve just reported this post for sexualisation of a minor lmfao

  17. Won't do shit, I already did multiple times, but Reddit doesnt see lolis as minors.

  18. Yeah I just got a message back saying it’s not

  19. This cards 380 and his lugia is another few hundred at most. I don’t see where this equals anywhere near 2k. Did you just pluck a random number out of thin air to help your argument.

  20. Great card. One of my chases but not that badly damaged

  21. If you like them, use them. It is your collection not this subs (as much as some when it comes to grading like to think it is)

  22. I take it you didn’t see the post about ace grading owing a guy 1000+ in lost cards and they only sorted him out after his post got traction

  23. Yes? Never said Ace were perfect, every company has lost cards (wasn't even Ace themselves that lost it in this case) Yes they didn't handle it well I agree but doesn't mean suddenly because of a bad case or 2 they should shut down.

  24. Who said anything about shutting them down. I was just warning about their shitty practices where they were definitely not going to pay this guy back until the bad press

  25. Raw, the Nintedo error and corrected v1 are about equal indeed in price I'd say, even though the corrected you have is a lot rarer. The Nintedo error is just more popular among collectors. Then again, I don't see the corrected version for sale too often, so it's hard to make a fair comparison.

  26. And here’s me thinking there’s only one and you have 6 different ones lmfao

  27. What’s that white product on the bottom shelf with all the starters on?

  28. You can verify the unique number assigned by PSA on the front of the card.

  29. People can fake that so I wouldn’t just go off the number

  30. I don’t understand how these threads are made everyday. Can an admin like get the bot to auto delete these and direct them to maybe a bookmarked thread about how to spot fakes.

  31. Won’t he get caught tho because it’s not fast food.

  32. I’m surprised no one went as a crumpet and a brew

  33. Hey everyone I don’t want to waste my time searching for a price for my own cards.

  34. Guys joggers are far too small. Half way up his shin ffs

  35. It's real! There are two versions of the card and this one is the latter, newer one

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