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  1. Big difference, one is asking for a superior driver to slow down and allow a pass, the other is coaching a superior driver on how to pass a pylon that could spin out at any moment.

  2. Max is a cunt, but he should be an even bigger cunt than he actually is considering where he came from.

  3. No legendary champ that we worship would ever take a dive. Anyone with a champ mentality believes in the speed. If Perez couldn't beat him fair, he ain't slowing down to let him pass. It's not in his DNA, and it wasn't in Sennas, Schumachers, laudas or Hamilton's.. I'm not sure why anyone thinks this is a big deal. It's this attitude that is why he's as good as he is, and why 2nds who constantly bend over for team orders rarely graduate to top seats.

  4. Once he's done with Checo he'll be knocking on his own door next when he burns all his bridges in the team.

  5. Can't burn the bridge of being the best driver on the grid. That's all that matters.

  6. Verstappen probably had enough shit come his way, think its understandable given the circumstances

  7. You don't ask a championship boxer to take a dive. If checo was on his gearbox and obviously faster, ya you move over, but you don't ask for dives because of driver points. If checo wants those points he's gotta earn them

  8. The number of cylinders isn't super predictive of the "goodness" of it's sound, some v6s sound amazing, and flat plane V8 sounds great. The issue is more the tiny displacement and the turbo muffling the engine sound. A hi Rev NA engine will always sound better then a small high boost turbo engine.

  9. Aborting last season to focus on this season that they are aborting mid season to focus on next season.

  10. Audiences don't want to look at ugly people. Hotties put asses in seats.

  11. Actually it's old timey speech for whiteness, hence "snow white"...So theres that.

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