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  1. LU Chads knows this. The Arrow from the Depths of Hell!

  2. Welcome to Boretown, Population: Kevin Patrick

  3. Did they ever reference back to the time Theory was Rollins' disciple?

  4. I think he did 3 or 4 weeks ago, when he was doing commentary for Bobby vs Theory

  5. Going a different way with this, why the hell was Pete Dunne buried the entire match? I lost count how many times the dude was thrown into the cage and laid between the ropes and cage wall.

  6. You don't know the meaning to that word. Stop using it.

  7. Was it lust, or just the glowing pupils of cocaine use?

  8. C'mon Bryan, it only works if you say "YO" first.

  9. You can tell by her face that she's certainly achieved her destiny

  10. She sold getting wet like getting hit with a clothesline

  11. Like that other dude posted. The roster page is a mess.

  12. Tried everything. Still won't go down. Damn it Kenny.

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