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  1. Harden wanted out because of Kyrie’s half-assing it.

  2. KD didn't request a trade because of Kyrie

  3. True. Point is that Kyrie opting in didn’t make him wanna stick around.

  4. If he didn't want Kyrie to stay, Kyrie would have left imo. If both KD and the FO wants him out how the hell did he stay?

  5. The first one was in 2013 and the last one, well, it sucks but I'd rather wait til the deadline because I feel like he could stay if he's really annoyed just by the contract stipulations.

  6. He wanrs to leave because the team was kinda trash and going nowhere. The team got better and has a clearer direction, so he had to be good. He played his best basketball ever since his MVP season so far.

  7. Bonne remarque, j'ai pris l'habitude des sub reddit anglophones et j'ai oublié

  8. Teams who have been top 5 in both defense/offense with the exception of 2 teams have won the title in the past 20 years. The two exceptions are Shaq and Kobe Lakers were 15th in Defense and 2018 Warriors who were 11th in defense

  9. And the 2018 Warriors turned into a defensive juggernaut when it was playoff time, and the 01 Lakers started to click quite late into the season as well. Those are two clear outliers that confirms the trend. Encouraging stuff from the team

  10. Love Brooklyn, love Kyrie, love the colors.

  11. It’s really crazy how money affects sports. Man City had nothing until the oil giants came in and saved them. Then you have teams like Nottingham who have a rich history with two UCL wins and they are struggling to get out of the relegation zone their first season back in the Prem. Money is a winner now and Newcastle may prove that. At least Castle have a good history of winning but now with the money they have and being 3rd in the Prem after finishing 11th last season is crazy. The Isak signing was insane and I think they will have a City type of resurgence with the oil money bringing in the stars.

  12. Man City was always quite popular in Manchester and some argue they're more popular than United if we're talking about the city of Manchester itself (United is more popular in the Greater Manchester and in the rest of the UK tho) Just because a club doesn't have a lot of trophies and foreign bandwagon fans, it doesn't mean they have nothing.

  13. Cavs may have had a bad shooting night but they got a lot of help from the refs to compensate. Great performance from the whole team, played like a real contender. Claxton is unreal and KD's 3s are actually falling in now.

  14. 14-2 during the last 16 games, it's getting scary and not for us 🥶

  15. Wax5 says:

    I think he'll be a very good player, but like the guy below me said, the KG comparisons are way too much.

  16. Oh yeah the KG comparison are pushing it too far but I think he could be like a Rudy Gobert with better offense

  17. That might sound weird but people hating on aces (especially when they're also members of the lgbtqia+ community) makes even less sense than people hating on gays/lesbians/trans. Like we're not many, we have little media representation and we're not doing anything condemn by any religion. Like I just don't get it?? Not saying we deserve less hate than the others, I just don't understand where it's coming from.

  18. Exactly what you said makes sense, answering the last line of your text, if you say that you don’t want to have sex or a relationship with someone people get mad too you don’t need to say that you’re ace to get hated, people here get mad when I say that I don’t like sex jokes, maybe people here just want to hate, without reason.

  19. Yeah, at some point I was in a gc where I said I didn't really care about having sex and it was a recurring "joke" to call me gay or to insinuate I wasn't man enough.

  20. LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOO that's a real big 3

  21. Even in a down game we can still count on Kyrie + Royce is absolutely insane

  22. Giannis's really going to get away with travels, offensive fouls and random FTs offered to him every night because he makes Oreo jokes in post game interviews

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