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  1. Absolutely do not choose american their job outcomes aren’t good and they’re practically the same COA go with GW, which is a far better school. Either way prepare for debt

  2. I am SO sorry I know the pain of losing your baby boy it happened to me last summer…I joined a support group in Facebook it really helped me grieve. He is beautiful and he will still be with you in your law school journey ❤️

  3. I’m attending UNC this fall! Do you have any general advice maybe something you wish you were told before starting 1L at UNC? I’m not from the area so everything is new to me although I met a lot of people at ASD and everyone seemed nice at school

  4. Traveling, going to the beach, sleeping in, shopping, hanging out with home friends oh and going to many doctor appointments

  5. the HLS chance me and the BL metric choice is close...but the "only BL or bust" obsession is worse

  6. Yes choosing t25 over t10. I couldn’t stomach the idea of having to take out loans and at my t25 school I’ll be debt free.

  7. I'm a little late to this post but I read your statements. I am so proud of you, wow. Your writing is some of the best I have ever read, I could feel your raw emotion throughout every sentence. I am so excited for you and although I do not know much about the community at Yale, I do believe you are exactly what is needed. Taking care of your younger brother must have been difficult but I'm sure he is very grateful. As someone who has seen younger siblings ignored and forgotten, I am so pleased to know there are others out there dedicated to helping others not just emotionally but educationally as well. The last sentence of your diversity essay brought tears to my eyes. Good luck in law school, OP, I have no doubt you will be beyond successful in every way imaginable.

  8. hey i dont know if i am going to provide the best advice here but here are my thoughts. i don't think you should wait another year only to apply to UW if you've been accepted to UVA. those are 2 drastically different schools. you said your dream has been to move to the east coast for law school since you were a child and your girlfriend knew about your goals for many years. unless you know 100% you want to practice in Seattle and marry this girl, i truly do not think it is fair that she is asking you to do this. I don't want to speak for her, but in my experience and many of my friends, there is always one person in the relationship that needs to make an initial sacrifice for the other based on who has/is going to have the better career. you mention that she's retired(?) and you're going to be the main provider, that means she 100% should be following you. my mom followed my dad for law school because she had the easier/lower paying job (journalist), my good friend followed her boyfriend for law school because she just had to go to any grad school for her masters, my boyfriend is following me to law school as well. this is a very big decision to make, i know you love her and she's family, i 100% understand that, but I personally don't think it's a great sign that she's making up these excuses and asking you to turn down a phenomenal school just because it's easier for her to stay where she is.

  9. Could one conclude that the t14s high medians are due to graduates going into BL? What about mid law? Also, t14s (on average) tend to send their students to major cities (like nyc, dc, chicago, etc) would that also account for the high salary? Jobs in cities tend to pay more to make up for the high COL.

  10. Your stats are fine it doesn’t matter if you go up a couple more points you need to focus on your essays now!

  11. i got my UMich WL turned into an A last week! my only t14 A and im below the 25% LSAT. you neverrrr know what can happen - i wish you all the luck OP

  12. Rank is not always everything, but 58 compared to 118 is a massive difference. If it was only a measly numerical difference I would say it doesn’t matter but Unless you want to stay in WVU 100%, go to penn state Dickinson. I think you’d have better resources there

  13. Applied to 22, accepted to 11, waitlisted at 10, rejected at 1 (thanks Duke) I like that I applied to so many schools it ended up really helping me as my interests and geographical preferences changed throughout my cycle

  14. apply EVERYWHERE if you have the means too. i am really glad i applied to as many schools as i did (22) because from the beginning of my cycle (september) to now, my interests have changed drastically. i would apply to at least uva, georgetown, michigan, duke, and ucla along with GW, UNC, UF, BU, some other "safety" schools although your stats are great do not neglect your essays!

  15. would you choose michigan again if given the chance to redo your law school journey? did you have a career goal in mind when you chose michigan? how is it living in the extreme cold? (extreme to me coming from FL)

  16. Don’t pay 140k if it’s not a school you would LOVE to go to. You will be kicking yourself in your snow covered boots.

  17. Hahaha thats actually a big deterrent for me I don’t know if I’d do well in that cold!

  18. Follow your heart and talk to your family. I think you can't go wrong with either. UNC for cheap is a steal. Mich opens a lot of doors, but frankly, I think folks on here are obsessed with opening doors and I'd rather be debt free from UNC than paying sticker at Vanderbilt.

  19. Thank you so much for your advice i really appreciate it. I think the same way I don’t think sticker is worth it 99% of the time

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