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  1. I never said Art Bell was a white supremacist but you sure seem very intense about how you are absolutely definitely not a white supremacist no sireee and also did you know that this nazi wasn't actually technically a nazi because

  2. Do you mean, uploaded to the internet and accessible or do you mean in total of everything he has done on the mic?

  3. I'm pretty sure these digital "albums" end up on all the streaming services. Don't act like it's a unique problem to YTM.

  4. oh i see. i didn't know the first part so you implying that i'm "acting" a certain way (for some reason?!) feels a little too antagonistic but i'm going to chalk that down to just a misunderstanding over internet communication.

  5. A quick pair of shoes to drop "One for the Master, one for the Dame..."

  6. Whoa! Thank you so much for your reply. Food for thought, indeed. If thought is 'the gods'. Appreciated.

  7. Shoulda been about the public transportation system and the occult

  8. this post will get much more replies if you use paragraph breaks. if you don't, very few people (including myself) will read it.

  9. Easily over 100 tapes. Huge chunk of Art Bell, a lot are unlabeled. Lots of other conservative talk radio in there as well. All from about '97- '04. Not planning on selling any unfortunately. Once I undertake the digitizing process I'll be sure to share. Finding a good place to upload them might be tricky.

  10. I suppose the first mammoth task would be to figure out which ones haven't already been digitized. :o

  11. There are a few deep dive threads somewhere itf that deal with the deeper themes/mythos. i think they went through all the seasons. s2 has a hell of a lot more to it than ppl give it credit for, especially with occult shit. gosh i love s2! it also has the best music! lera lynn, black mountain, etc. so yip! s2 is def. my favourite!

  12. Um, are you somehow missing the incredible performance by the actor playing Stan? And he's just a well developed character! Only ep4? You wait to see where they take Stan.

  13. I haven't got into Tusk properly yet and I'm excited for the rabbit hole 🫠but my fave is definitely Tango. It sounds like a cool dance floor lost in the middle of an island jungle, where the young dance forever haha ahhhh

  14. I just really hope they do that thing S1 and S2 did where they leaned into the 'maybe magic maybe mundane' trope. Cosmic horror around the edges of S1 and S2 had occultic moon conspiracy around its edges. Please be good. Please be very ambiguous about what is really going on. Please lean into the philosophy of some obscure writer or some shit.

  15. He probably didn't want his CIA handler to pay him a visit from the desert

  16. Not sure if I've caught that one. Do you remember the ep and what the issue was?

  17. Oh no particular episode, it's just a running theme with open line callers that sometimes one will call and describe sleep paralysis to a T and Art Bell will be all like whoooaaaa clearly it's something demonic, it's great.

  18. My favourite massive blind spot of his show was sleep paralyse.

  19. Actually the AI Terence thing is unrelated. I was very skeptical about that project from the get go

  20. Sorry, I didn't mean to infer it was related and i'm struggling to see how my post does infer that. I said it was also the name which I feel implies that's the link, not that they were somehow run by the same entities.

  21. As someone who’s listened to a whole bunch of Peterson’s lectures, I am not a huge fan of where he is currently. He speaks beautifully about psychedelics and Jung etc, and very much reminds me of Terence at times. Jordan Peterson is very sincere thinker who, like Terence, is easy to misunderstand; especially when you’re already primed to dislike what he says. I don’t find with the words used here to describe his position very accurate. I appreciate that he takes the psychedelic item so seriously, and that is a very positive influence for anyone, especially the “right wing”.

  22. He's a fucking fascist, my guy. You don't need to defend his honour as a 'sincere thinker'.

  23. Incorrect. Listen to him and form your own opinion. The hate train is not headed towards nuance and accuracy. It’s a flock which moves as one and over generalizes for the sake of social cohesion.

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