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  1. Holy shit, this is me and I didn't know it until now. Thank you,

  2. I've heard of an app that's in development that's called A-Café. No news of its release date or what stage of development it's in right now. There was a site called but its servers are down and It's probably never going back online. If it's not to much to ask, you can always DM me if you need to talk to someone.

  3. Have you considered having a queer platonic relationship (QPR) with someone. That's what I want and what you described. A QPR is not a traditional friendship, nor is it a romantic one, but is described as a relationship between platonic and romantic. For example: you can consider someone a good friend but do romantic things with them.

  4. I think us aces just decided to use garlic bread as an ace symbol. I'm not too sure how it all started because I got here after the GB memes started.

  5. Somewhere in North Carolina USA. Not exactly sure, I was just passing through

  6. Same, I think I can divide anything by 0 easier than I can understand WTF romantic attraction is.

  7. I'm an asexual man and I want the same thing, but girls just always seem to want me for sex and since I can't give that to them they cringe away like I'm inhuman. I hope you can find someone that will treat you like a human when they find out that you don't want sex. (For some reason that's such a privilege for us aces.) I would suggest finding another asexual person so that they're more likely to understand you. I wish you luck, depression is a big pain in the ass.

  8. Well you see, Dr. Cardo envisioned humanity's advancement into a lossless format but the shortsighted Spacian corps want consumers to think that lossy formats are "good enough".

  9. When will Dr. Cardo realize that mp3 will always be superior to flac?

  10. It all depends if you want to be on the inside or outside the circle of knowing. Inside nothing will get spoiled, wild theory crafting, and discussioning everything as it happens. Outside you get none of the prior and you've got to wait an unknown amount of time for dubs.

  11. I might just watch it now since a dub isn't guaranteed and I don't like reading subtitles while binging. I also don't want to come across too many spoilers. I might just watch it as each episode airs and binge it if a dub comes out.

  12. I had this same idea about modular headphones and am interested in what you and your friend will make. It would be cool to not have to rely on in-app EQs and instead replace the driver completely to get the desired sound. But if you want to make them modular you need to make them easy to get into and add parts to. Like if you wanted a Bluetooth mod you could simply plug a transmitter into the headphone jack and the battery can attach to an external port for easy removal, replacement, and charging. You could also use the cheaper headphones as a base and simply make add-ons to make them better.

  13. I just listen to hardstyle remixes at deafening volumes, I'm not listening to the lyrics so I do not really care lol

  14. I love hardstyle, the reversed bass kicks make the lyrics harder to hear so I don't have to worry about if it's a love song.

  15. Black dragon on right middle finger, white arrow on left.

  16. Like everybody else here, I would love a link to the shirts

  17. Oh thanks!! Appreciate it, and thanks for taking the time to reply to me as well!

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