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[Discussion] Overwatch 2 devs announce that most of the original plans for PVE have been scrapped

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  1. I think it's important to add that Jiraya skillset is much better for fighting with groups, kakashi is more 1v1 guy

  2. I think they should add a Whisper of Friendship tool to force kingdoms to form/join alliances

  3. I mean they are the same kind of enemies as others. Grunts that are dressed the same and use particular kind of pokemons

  4. I know, but they're the type of enemy that all evil teams are, it's not about ideological similarities, but about technical ones

  5. Tbf being some kind of judge doesn't mean you're political, it's actually the opposite judges and mediators shouldn't be political so it would make sense that Gorsei are saying that to God's knight

  6. Or they give us the normal evolution of evee and this evo evolves into further evolutions of other types of evee. Like vaporeon evolves into dragon evee, leafeon evolves into poison evee etc.

  7. Killed? Wasn't she sent to the dungeon?

  8. I restarted the game and was able to play, but the points requirements were down to 400 for hero

  9. I think they can be support for strawhats in the final battle, I would like to see shanks and kidd fight side by side

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