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  1. I love C.j so much his my favorite protag in all of GTA He's only beaten by Niko

  2. It's cause the writers probably view traditional beliefs as culty. You write what you know.

  3. Cool can't wait for the releases of your del bar video loved the neolandia one

  4. Oh thanks I finally remember that shit I should go rewatch sao abridged

  5. My brain cannot process these and if these were true then I will full on go random bullshit go

  6. Anything can work if handled correctly and they put in the time and effort into it.

  7. PS4 because I felt a personal connection to her and it lands MCU may death on the nose I don't hate it It just doesn't the impact that should with PS4 may death and tasm2 Gwen.

  8. Read the sub reddit read fanfiction or just read books that I like which are broken empire trilogy,red war trilogy, asoiaf, mistborn, storm light archive, first law, black company, eragorn,a little hatred, battletech grey legion trilogy,the eisenhorn books,ciaphas Cain Infinite and the divine I read alot of books

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