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  1. So sino sino original hosts ng showtime? Nung may isip na kasi ako, host na si vice nun. Parang year nung wowowee stampede? Ata. Parang mga ganung year earliest memory ko ng panonood ng tv eh

  2. Showtime wasn’t even around when Wowowee stampede happened. It happened like 3-5 years before Showtime was aired.

  3. Oooo ganun pala. Kala ko around same time lang. Ang naabutan ko na kasi sa showtime si vice na, kala ko orig host siya don

  4. Sorry, forgot to answer your first question. Bali yung mga initial hosts dati were Vhong, Anne, Jugs & Teddy, Kuya Kim, and Vice.

  5. Crazy that the only guy left in WWE on that coaches line up is Miz.

  6. Only Miz and Carlito are the Season 1 Pros who did not go to AEW

  7. Right. Why did i forget about him haha

  8. Tatawa na sana ako, kaso may Robert Weide 😒

  9. David Schultz is a person whose name has not been uttered for a long, long time

  10. Is he censored on the selection screen in events in the WWE Network?

  11. man they really did chavo dirty. hope he's still getting paid though

  12. Chavo is no longer in AEW I believe. He’s no longer on the roster page

  13. 2007 is the closest answer we have. I know that it didn’t spin when Orton was awarded the belt at No Mercy.

  14. True. I recently researched when the belt stopped spinning and this answer is correct

  15. “MJF’s action disappointed millions of fans…”

  16. Tbh the time and costs this would involve, I would just buy a new belt.

  17. Thanks buddy. Personally, I want to releather this toy belt since I can’t afford an actual replica or even commemorative, and I just think Mattel poorly created this toy belt. I just want to make something out of nothing by putting synthetic leather and buttons snaps on it, to simulate it as a kids replica. Like pretending I have a new phone but in reality I’m just using the same old phone with a new phone case.

  18. You’ll probably destroy those plates trying to get that strap off. I’d save up for a replica. Keep an eye on EBay and you’ll find a good deal

  19. I thought of a way to do it safely and I guess without removing the poppers. I think I’ll just cut the strap around the poppers. And in order to install it on a new leather, i will just cut a horizontal hole there and insert the poppers like how we button our shirts.

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