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  1. Considering I would always want the Union Jack on the flag I do like this concept.

  2. Two families and a young boy don’t exist anymore. I don’t remember their names but when I was a young boy about 5-6 I hung out with two girls and we used to always have otter pops and sit on their porch enjoying them, one day I went over and the house was completely abandoned I was then punched by a young boy who was possibly 15-17 years old who then threatened me to never come back, when I woke up the next day the boy had apparently died shortly after being born with massive lung and heart problems and my family had no clue who I was talking about when I ask even though they knew the boys parents from church and we had dinner with the girls family a week before for a birthday party. The last family that went missing I knew when I was about 9-10 who I would be with after school as babysitters who had one girl my age and 2 younger girls probably 3-6 age range, the scary thing is my parents remember them but they remembered them living in a different state, I have a few more people who apparently never existed but this has gone on long enough, I might talk about them at a later date.

  3. I have a few, but I think the weirdest one was in a bed right next to the bed her parents were sleeping in. If her dad woke up he would've broke me in half.

  4. Here in Australia COVID has sort of died down. To the point I don't hear it on the news that much. I still see people wear them but I don't judge or anything. Their choice. I just tend to think "Hmm okay....not so much of an issue now but okay" personally I grew sick of them pretty quickly. Mostly due to the fact I live in the city that has had the longest lockdown in the world and mask mandates.

  5. Some last stand situation where I save people and have for whom the bell tolls playing in the background

  6. Not having sex with the actual character instead of a girl in a costume

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