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  1. If you take birth control or have an IUD, do not tell a man until you are exclusive. Every guy will assume and beg for sex without condoms after they find that out.

  2. this is sooo cozy and cute!! I love all of the colors. Only thing I would add are some

  3. I also like to rub my dryer sheets on couch pillows or shove them before couch cushions for extra nice smells

  4. Better yet, get wool dryer balls. They’re incredibly reusable, also keep your clothes from wrinkling, and you can throw them in the compost when they reach the end of their lifespan after a couple of years.

  5. I tried wool dryer balls before, and it left little pieces like cat hair on my clothes. Was it just a low quality one?

  6. I would keep the oven under the stove because if you pull out a hot casserole you don’t want to have to walk across the whole kitchen to put it on the stove top!

  7. what do you think of the free standing extractor? do you think adding cabinets with hidden extractor would be more aesthetic? i’m not sure it would be as aesthetically pleasing to have window surrounded by cabinets just to get one extra storage space

  8. Exhaust fans seem like a normal thing in my opinion. It didn’t really stand out, I agree that covering it with cabinets might make the window seem crowded.

  9. It could be a “FAQ” thread with links to previous posts on the same questions. Could go from basic sorting/organizing to daily cleaning to deep cleans.

  10. I have played flute for half my life, and many teachers have taught me some exercises to decrease pain and fight carpal tunnel. Here are three that I think could help you.

  11. I see you've already come up with a plan, but I just wanted to say it's absolutely ridiculous of people to say running is useless for fitness. There are so many benefits! If you want to do pilates, then cool, but don't be discouraged if you can't stick to it. I've always gotten bored of at-home workouts. Explore different sports and see if you find one you actually enjoy. Otherwise, just run!

  12. Hey OP, I know you settled with pilates but if that doesn't work out look into resistance band training.

  13. I’m 29, turning 30 this year and based in the UK (not sure where you’re based)!

  14. I love this reply! I’m based in the US, but your journey is so inspiring to me. What you have now (your home, a partner, a cat and a nice job) sounds like my dream life. Congratulations on all of your success and growth :)

  15. Since you said you're poor I'm going to suggest a few things that are free/cheap:

  16. If my screen time has been high lately, I’ll set limits on my phone or even remove the app from my Home Screen. This makes it harder for me to mindlessly go down a social media wormhole

  17. Going for morning runs always sets my mood in a good place for the day ahead.

  18. Hey! I would love to start going for a morning run, but I usually shower at night. Do you always shower afterwards? Also, do you have to stretch before hand? Just curious because I might change my routine!

  19. Hey, this happens to me too whenever I got my IUD inserted and briefly whenever I have a pap smear done. I believe it’s just because you’re a little smaller and had a lot of stuff done down there, so probs just a little irritated. If it doesn’t go away after a few days call your doc, but for now just take some ibuprofen and chill on the couch!

  20. That makes sense. I’d never even had a pelvic exam before so very new..i mean I’ve had sex, but your body is in a different state when that’s going on vs feet in the stirrups. 😅🤞

  21. NTA you are awesome and deserved to be treated as a full human just like your husband. You perfectly stood up for yourself IMO.

  22. In my experience as a music ed major who is about to graduate, you may be better suited for a general music degree. Music education is much more focused on teaching than music. As much as I love music, I took many classes on teaching and child psychology so if you’re not really into that, please don’t do music ed. i also have many friends who got into ed and realized they like performance, general music, music admin, or music therapy etc. , and all are valid career options!

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