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  1. This is the correct answer. Any anthem than translates well to bagpipes has my vote.

  2. Ottawa is about 75% white, while Toronto is only 50%. The reasons you see pockets of congregation of races/ethnicities is because many new comers are more comfortable where they can speak their language, worship at their church's/temples and find familiar food and services. In Ottawa, the numbers don't support this sort of enclave formation (Chinatown is what, 4 blocks along Somerset?). Contrary to Top_Flight's post, The rest of Toronto is a healthy blend of multiculturalism where you can find everyone living quite happily side by side.

  3. Oh man, so lazy. This is something you can easily google yourself.

  4. Being there for them when their world fell apart and supporting them through 4 years of getting their life back together. Spending massive amounts of time with them and building them up when they tried again and again to fall back down.

  5. Did the same thing with an old girlfriend. We had just broken up (no heads up, she just moved out while I was working night shift) but she was going through a rough patch so I spent two years supporting her emotionally. I thought we were solid and on the path to reconciliation. She repaid me by moving in with my best friend. Bloody hell to both of them.

  6. It's been a while since I lived in Ottawa. For those that still listen to radio, do they still make the frenetic call sign "CKTF- cent quatre!"

  7. 1.4 million dead and 4.2 million wounded in the French Army in WWI (71% of forces). You'd say fuck war too if this happened in your country.

  8. My neighbourhood is inundated with nail and hair salons. You would think everyone would be glamourous by now. Note: they are not.

  9. Gas Gas is there. It is first one listed under Spain.

  10. They are a subsidiary of Bombardier Recreational Products but definitely made a name for themselves.

  11. I have a Moto Guzzi V85TT and a Kawasaki W650. Very little overlap in the Venn diagram of capabilities and style.

  12. I don't think it's a diamond shape. It's likely Saturn. It follows closely with the rising and setting sun. It can appear very bright in crepuscular hours, and large when it's low on the horizon.

  13. Iam just astounded that people still believe in this , given all the issues plaguing this country . I thought we were past vaccines but looks like we are not.

  14. You would think so, but there is a very hardcore group that live mostly within the Q-Anon alternate universe. Antivax is only the tip of the iceberg.

  15. QAnon basically absorbed all the crack pot conspiracy theories like flat earth, anti-vax, and the moon landing and just made a super conspiracy theory.

  16. I've been nosing around a few Q groups on Telegram. Basic notes:

  17. Aporia sculpture. This is what it looks like pre-vandalization.

  18. The challenge with the Eastern time zone is that there is about an hour twenty difference between sunrises or sunsets from Percé in the east to Thunder Bay in the west. For example, the sunset in Percé is 3:49pm today, while in Thunder Bay it is 5:30pm despite both within EST. Later in December, the sun doesn't rise in Thunder Bay until close to 9am! Conversely, sunset is around 3:20pm in Percé. Giving Thunder Bay some morning sun would put Percé in darkness mid afternoon. It is challenging to decide on a time that doesn't excessively deprive the eastern and western edges of the Eastern time zone or morning or evening sun.

  19. TB could shift to central time. The boundary is already right outside of town, runs along the 90th.

  20. Yeah, it must be fun knowing your neighbours live 100m and an hour away.

  21. The sound the streetcars make as they pass my window

  22. Flight Radar lists it specifically as RAF and as being registered in the UK.

  23. Interesting. I checked Flight Radar as well and there was a RCAF flying around as well just to the east.

  24. Toronto Zoo has moose. You just can't seem then right now due to road repair.

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