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  1. I use it as a quick reference for myself, but also recommend the tutorials, IMO they present things quite clearly and are a good starting point for learning. Never had anyone come back with a negative opinion. But people have different preferences so some might not like it.

  2. MDNs documentation is really good. The only thing W3Schools seemed to have over MDN is an in-browser editor but MDN has that now, too.

  3. W3schools covers more topics than mdn. And I didn't say I hate mdn, I said that everyone recommends it like it is the perfect website to learn web developing when it's not

  4. Recommend learning core

  5. Thank you. I just have one more question. Why do some websites use two languages for the backend?

  6. I tried a Lot of gtk themes and icon themes and sizes and spent hours trying to find a good wallpaper and eventually landed with ant nebula and candy icons and yes I have tried komorebi and xfwinwrap. And they just use a lot of resources on my 2 gb ram laptop. And I don't even think live wallpapers look that good so yeah. And I also edited the terminal color scheme to my own liking so if you have any other recommendations I would love to hear it

  7. Yeah I know a fair bit on how to customize compton and How to make active windows semi transparent my question was how to only make nemo transparent so I will try to figure it out and Also I'm running a special fork of compton so I can apply blur effects so anyway thanks for your help buddy

  8. If you "deleted" thunar and you didn't read the messages of the package manager allegedly you removed the full desktop environment.

  9. Maybe partially: the config files are still there if you didn't delete them. But if you unistalled the desktop environment you don't have any other option than reinstall it.

  10. The icons some how worked without me doing anything I think it when I reinstalled thunar I needed a reboot for it to take effect still thanks for your help

  11. Ok, so I can't really answer your question. But you gave me an idea and in researching changing over to my favorite file manager I came across a thread that says:

  12. hey I know this was three years ago but help me because Nemo was the default file manager and then I installed thunar but then deleted thunar now it shows m this exact error pls help I use peppermint os

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