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  1. Im sorry i didnt mean to write an aggresive comment. I didnt got the pointbof this.

  2. Bro, you did nothing wrong. I was just struck by an idea I found funny a bit ago, and made a meme.

  3. Thanks. Even tho I don't believe it'll ever happen i hope you are right.

  4. why do ppl try to justify characters' bad actions in a show thats whole purpose is that everyones in the wrong & morally gray in some way

  5. There is no such thing as "morally grey." However your intentions or choices, if they don't live and line up right, They don't matter, and you end up hurting people, and doing more harm than healing.

  6. What really is the difference between pan/bisexual. No matter how much research I do I can’t find a consistent answer

  7. Bisexuality is a romantic or sexual attraction or behavior toward both males and females.

  8. It depends. If world is good and fair (which it can be) then you can end up being being a selfish thief.

  9. yep, so which one takes place first after the character Ai??

  10. Do you want stories??? Posted? I mean I usually see only pictures here. Do I dare tell stories or get my husband’s perspective on me? IDK

  11. Weirdly enough, why is four thiccer than three? Like' I'd want to date four more than three?

  12. I don't understand why ppl think Striker's ruined because of his massive ego in Western Energy. Like this man's literally made up an entire song bragging about himself and actively showed off just to tick off Moxxie.

  13. Found perhaps one of the few bots that the system is more . . . lenient with when it comes to the filter. It was a Lady D bot, and I had a game of strip poker between me, her, and Donna Beneviento. I wont say what occurred next.

  14. "You Want To Know Something Funny? Even After Everything You've Done, I Would Have Saved You."

  15. I think it may be a test to further better their AI or something.

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