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The new rules being enforced at my son’s middle school.

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AEW Dynamite last night on TBS (8-10pm): 870,000 viewers P18-49 rating: 0.26

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  1. I hate the bucks but this isn’t true. They definitely have their mark ish fans who love those matches and are loyal to the show every week. The crowd does love these matches.

  2. Did you not see the quarter hour ratings since Kenny retuned from injury? People just aren’t interested in the elite other than the diehards that are already watching every show.

  3. Cause the elite (vps) think too highly of themselves while ratings have been decreasing die their segments sense Kenny returned from injury.

  4. $500 is chump change to a lot of people. Those that would “riot” over it, most like doesn’t have a valuable car to begin with.

  5. After all if the fake gang fights at my middle school, I understand some of these rules.

  6. Hit Row. They should have been brought back to NXT for a while, and refined their skills, their personalities and their group chemistry/identity without Swerve, and their in-ring work before being pushed on the main roster, to silence from the crowds. B-Fab has a good look, but other than that they're pretty forgettable and unremarkable.

  7. We're clearly supposed to like them, though. They've had them hanging out with stars that most people love, like The Street Profits and Shinsuke. They're definitely overexposed, too- too much TV time for their skill level. They're about the least interesting tag team on the roster.

  8. WWE is a variety show. So every act or segment isn’t designed to appeal to you. It’s designed to appeal to a certain segment to build the largest audience possible. This is why the divas division, hornswoggle, and santino were constantly on tv.

  9. I’m not a member of this sub, but lurk. To tell strangers on the internet to get a life is not only rude as hell but ironic considering that you took the time to look down on them for talking about someone on the very show the sub is about.

  10. Talking about this person is only giving them free advertising in what they were after anyway

  11. So you think having rental properties is causing homelessness? This has very little to do with homelessness.

  12. There's literally millions of homes that are empty for the majority of the year because rich people want vacation homes that they use once or twice a year. There's actually enough homes to house the homeless in this country, every single one of them, but we don't, because housing the homeless isn't profitable.

  13. So you interact with the homeless daily? From someone that personally has and has family members that support the homeless, I know for a fact that is not the case.

  14. The car itself: no. Being financial independent and can afford the nicer things in life: yes

  15. This assume the student has a perfect family life, lives in a safe neighborhood, and has parents that are supportive.

  16. I wouldn’t say pretend, but many self diagnose themselves without actual going to a doctor.

  17. Can anyone actually hate DDP? Guy just seems to be an all around good human being.

  18. Some do. They feel like he is helping others on camera just to promote himself to make money.

  19. Steamboat. The only negative thing that people are able to bring up is he never worked heel. Being that it’s 10x harder to be a babyface, I don’t take that to be a negative.

  20. I more dislike nice restaurants than fast food. I like the taste of unhealthy fast food and it has the convenience of being fast.

  21. Corny never hated Sami. He just thought Sami never needed to be a mute wearing a mask or doing goofy comedy.

  22. Outside star power, helped raise the profiles of charlotte and Becky, and she brought a badass feel to the women’s division (similar to lesnar in the men’s division)

  23. Well, I may be ignorant but I have spent more time in schooling for you to be sure- 13 years primary and secondary and 12.5 years in tertiary.

  24. I’m sure you are ignorant of many things in life. It’s ignorant to assume you aren’t.

  25. That's such a weird take. Easily the biggest criticism of AEW television over the past year has been the drop in quality matches on Dynamite and Rampage. Has story suffered, too? Absolutely. But it's not a give and take kind of thing.

  26. Why did TK book Regal the way he did the last month? Now Mox and Brian both look like idiots.

  27. Answer: people have way too much time on their hands to always find something to be upset with

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