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  1. Some say he donated the 3000 black jets of Boris Johnson, on condition he gets to fly one himself. All we know... Is that he's called The Stig.

  2. I like Willie's. I like Willie's

  3. Hah, “fairness.” I’m reminded of the Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris quote,

  4. Tbh I just know in the future this will be remotely driven by a 19 year old with a Xbox controller and blasting Monster Energy

  5. What are they going to use to attack 'west germany' though?

  6. Well lets have a look at Beatty’s gunnery shall we?

  7. Or his flag officer Seymore. Considering they will be the first into the breach incase the high seas fleet sorties, I hope they know proper damage control procedures and observe regulations regarding the proper handling if ammunition.

  8. As a Brit, I will have to retire to a garden shed and start inventing ridiculous war-winning weapons

  9. But what if the Russian general was already hated by their soldiers to begin with? Such as that one Chechen commander who beat a group of soldiers for evacuating a wounded?

  10. I feel it in my fingers, i feel it in my toes, the funni is all around us, and the feeling grows.

  11. Theres one thats still sitting on the rail bridge outside Waterloo station - one day my pretty will sound again

  12. I'm honestly curious if this would be more viable now with advanced camera systems allowing for virtual rearview and "see-through" capabilities.

  13. I think their main issue seems to have been that it basically compromised saferty for a very marginal performance uplift. Basically, that performance increase was achieved by G suits without having to create a situation where ejection was a faff

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