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  1. Oh for sure. He has a fucking personality. Something rare in the younger crowd

  2. Outside is great. Inside not so much, not my taste. Surprised Kyle doesn’t have a trophy room.

  3. I can’t imagine JGR has them, does he have them at another house?

  4. Honestly, something about Lajoie just irks me. Just weird

  5. Has anyone else noticed that there's a huge discrepancy between F1 gear and NASCAR merchandise you see people wearing out in public?

  6. Busch beer would be the easiest to market to college guys

  7. No it’s not weird. I’m open about being a fan of nascar (I wear 8 jackets a week in the fall/winter), the way I see it, nascar has more balls than any other sport out there….even on a bad day. Why wouldn’t I be proud of that?

  8. may i know which price range is considered reasonable ?

  9. Anything below $100 is considered a “good” deal. Anything below $200 is “normal”, and anything above $200 is “too high”, but over $200 jackets tend to be rare, hence why they’re steep.

  10. The more I look at his twitter the more I realize hes not

  11. I didn’t look at it twitter. Let me check

  12. Every 4 car team has the one or two drivers that have a million times more personality and likability than their teammates. For JGR, it’s C.Bell. For SHR, it’s Briscoe. For HMS, it’s Alex Bowman.

  13. You must be new here if you don’t think harvick has personality. CBell has a personality? You’re a troll

  14. It’ll be like HMS 2018-2020. They’ll get settled once they find footing after next year without harvick. I wish gene would sell to harvick, because at this point, harvick cares more about it than he probably does due to F1

  15. Harvick doesn't have the money. Maybe he could front the cash for the buy-in, but unless Gene keeps his Haas sponsorship money invested they would likely have to park at least one, if not two cars. Look at how often the 41 is unsponsored (i.e. running Haas scheme). Almirola leaving would also likely mean Smithfield leaves too, which leaves a huge question mark about the sponsorship of the 10 car.

  16. Good point. KHI would be a more promising route for him to pursue. But I don’t see how this is sustainable either even as a business model. Someone sells out or someone buys in. Because I don’t see how Tony and his patience can tolerate running behind the top 15 weekly

  17. This is awesome. Scheme of the year candidate. Also pretty cool that the Indy 500 was the 100th win.

  18. Joey isn’t exactly the guy you’d think of when you think of changing oil and filters, that was harvick. But Joey is an awesome sponsoree. Represents it well

  19. Far from a chase fan, but “ bad”nascar is better than no nascar.

  20. Bet they meant the 500, but very misleading.

  21. This is one of the posts where I wish a former driver created an anonymous account and shared their story about it in here.

  22. Well if nascar or ford won’t help them with downforce….

  23. I wish he’d leave and go to a better team. But there’s no where open and he’ll most likely get trapped long term. 10 years from now when he’s retired (could happen if he is stuck in LMC), we’ll be making “what if” posts about him finding better

  24. Gragson’s my age, he’s not going to be retiring for another 15 years at least, maybe over 20 from now. Kevin Harvick, for reference, is 23 years older than both Gragson and myself.

  25. Harvicks RCR car wasn’t as bad as Gragsons LMC car is. He won’t be able to prove himself to any better team in a shit ride like that. Meaning he’s an LMC lifer

  26. This is nascar distracting from having to suspend chase

  27. Trying to make an example out of SHR drivers again

  28. RCR and SHR are extremely classy for the effort they’ve put forth for Kevin in his final year.

  29. Chase might retire after watching Corey possibly break the top 15 this weekend, he’s been really off since he’s recovered from snowboarding, can’t imagine he’s dealing with a suspension lightly.

  30. I think he'll come back strong tbh. He seems to do best when he's mad (usually). Like his deal with Harvick lit a fire under him.

  31. He’s also only 27. If he keeps shutting down (like he did last year in interviews), I really don’t know how long he’d wanna stay racing, and that’s a sincere statement.

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