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  1. Important to add here - at 8 months he is entering puberty, so will likely become worse before he becomes better. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth following up on some of the other advice, just that his hormones will be controlling his brain for the next few months meaning he’ll be harder to reach. Wrecking things, becoming more vocal and pushing boundaries are all normal elements of puberty, and (especially with Tollers) staying calm and consistent is absolutely key.

  2. Netherlands: 25-35eur off-peak, 30-40 peak.

  3. Can't understand what actually happened - my Spanish is.... weak.

  4. Hard to say indeed, but a well-bred Toller with good socialization should be very stable around kids and other dogs. Ours is not great with kids (neither are we though) but is great with other dogs, we did a lot of early socialization through the local dog school where they do puppy-only daycare supervised by trainers and with the trainers’ dogs amongst the pups as stable adults.

  5. I’ve been doing a solo run with both. Both classes feel great to play, but it does sound like Banner Spear will fit your party a bit better to round them out. DW and BB play very different, but will often be covering the same need of “do lots of damage.”

  6. Thanks for the input :) In discussing this, the two new players told us they weren’t as excited about FH after the first 2 scenarios and a whole campaign was a bit much of a commitment, so we’ll be playing JotL with them and back to the drawing board for a 2-player campaign of Frosthaven :)

  7. Oh yeah totally, very excited for our 2P campaign :)

  8. Are you seeing a mental health professional? If not, please do! You seem to have the funds in case you’re in a country where that’s not covered by health insurance. Sounds like you’re depressed and need help

  9. Zuni is viable on the high end, aka good gear and high paragon. I would not recommend start on WD. I would take any speed farm build first and then you make the WD (mostly because WD are bad at farming). The tier list shows the potential of the build, but some of them require more investment and effort than others.

  10. Tal Rasha is not the wizard Haedrig Gift starting set, it's Typhon so Hydras :)

  11. It takes you 2+ hours to run court of stars does it?

  12. 4 people at 30 mins each is 2 hours Einstein ;)

  13. It can help to teach a word that announces you’re about to pick the dog up, and combine that with high value treats. It’s often the sudden motion they dislike. We use “up”. Our dog didn’t like being picked up, we started training “up”, and now, when I have my hand on his chest and say “up”, he throws his paws over my forearm so I can pick him up easily :)

  14. Yeah we'll definitely have to try that, will be difficult without making our other dog jealous though hahaha

  15. Hehe, generally good idea to train dogs separately, but equally where possible. So if you teach the other dog the same thing, it might actually help your dog that's hesitant to be picked up see another dog do it and get rewarded!

  16. Without seeing or spending time with the dog no one is going to be able to really tell you what you should be doing with this individual dog - I would highly recommend a visit to the vet followed by an appointment with a reputable applied behaviorist! Really sorry you and the doggo are going through this

  17. Puppy classes are a great idea! As more and more research is being done into socialization the perspective of “the window closes at 12 weeks” is losing ground. Yes, it’s a critical socialization period and you should do whatever you can to make use of it, but the good news is that socialization is a continuous process until at least adulthood (18-24 months depending on breed size and individual factors), and possibly beyond. Try finding a controlled setting for your pup to interact off-leash with stable dogs. If she’s scared of new people, one thing you can do in the house is put a bowl of treats by the front door and ask people that come in to take a few and spread them on the ground in front of them when they enter. Outside, you can ask strangers to not approach but let the pup go to them, and if she does give some treats for the strangers to spread on the ground for the pup, that way, she gets to interact at her own pace. Your window is not closed, so don’t panic, and focus on doing what you can together with your pup, going at her pace at all times!

  18. Very smart, but they make up for it by being stubborn

  19. This. My god. Ours is 7.5 months and in full puberty. He doesn’t want to go outside in the morning. When we’re outside, he doesn’t want to go inside. He doesn’t want to train, unless he wants a snack then he rattles of everything we ask of him and when he decides he’s done, he’ll start rolling around on his back with his tongue out. Every food puzzle we gives him he solves in 2 minutes, but if he’s not motivated he’ll just leave them be altogether. We’ve done multiple training classes with him, have started doing scent work and will start gundog training in a few months, hoping to find someone he really loves doing to make him more motivated to cooperate in daily life 😂

  20. A podcast called Underunderstood did an episode on these bills! Episode is called “what to do with fake money”

  21. There were a lot available in NL if that’s possible. I got mine in Eindhoven (check Marktplaats) back in August.

  22. What’s the name of the breeder you got your pup from? We got ours from a breeder in Eindhoven as well back in June, hoping it’s not the same one because they said they only do 1 nest a year!

  23. Have you spoken to mental health professional? Underlying depression might very well manifest as constant fatigue (it sure did for me)

  24. These are pretty complex issues for an adult dog, and they make me think she was not treated very nicely at the breeder, or at the very least not trained well at all. I would recommend finding a behavioral therapist with good credentials to help you on this as this is, or can be at least, a difficult topic to work on in an adult dog

  25. Our pup was really helped by making it an extension of a game of fetch. Play it on land, then throw the toy just on the water's edge, and throw a big party when he goes to get it. Next throw bit further away, etc. etc.

  26. Two intense working breeds like that, maybe consider giving her a job! Can be scent work (which you can do indoors during winter), treibball/herding, agility, flyball, hunting training etc. Something where she has to figure out a solution with your guidance, and something for her to feel responsible for. Also, a really fun way to work together with the dog!

  27. Can start doing some scent work, get some cloves and stick them in a small fishing maggot box, put that in a little bucket/pen holder. Start by placing the bucket down right next to you, he’ll approach and probably stick his nose it. Mark and reward lavishly right above the bucket, so he’s getting the clove smell as he gets treats. Repeat a few times to generate interest in the bucket/smell, then slowly start putting it in more difficult spots :)

  28. Interesting. Nvr head of this before will have to try!!

  29. We've just started doing this with our 6-month old Toller pup (who's a bit of a nervous wreck recently) and this is the one activity he's fully focused and happy with.

  30. I would recommend a visit to the vet, that should be the first thing for sudden behavior changes in adult dogs :)

  31. Yeah, and possibly help the female out if she’s not able to correct the mounting behavior herself. If she snarls and he stops, and play continues, that’s fine. If he keeps trying to mount it might be good to enforce a break to prevent it coming a learned behavior that mounting is ok

  32. Does she have a job? Working breeds can have a hard time managing their energy levels when they don’t have a “purpose”. Can be scent work, herding work, or even just running alongside a bicycle. The energy expended from being focused on their task is often multiples of the same amount of time spent running around and can help with making a clear difference e between “we are walking” and “we are working”

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