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  1. He talks like he's never played heads up before. I'm guessing he hasn't

  2. Love how even split is seen as some sort of good thing. If half the country doesn’t like it then it’s a shit show. Seems we’re blinded a bit by stats these days.

  3. I never said it was a good thing, it's just being painted as a dictatorial government pushing through a policy that's deeply unpopular. It isn't. It's as popular as it's not.

  4. It is deeply unpopular if half the country is dead against it?

  5. No you see, it’s ok when we do it but those damn Brits had no right..

  6. I think he should at least apologise for an attack on civil servants enacting the law of the land, which the dail creates. How could Sinn Fein be trusted in govt if their senior leadership is anti state?

  7. This is why I really think he's best in a tag team and breaking off with Seamus was terrible for him. Being in a team allows him to show off his strengths which he has many of, and hide his weaknesses which he also has many of.

  8. Yeah, he’s a top tag team wrestler and there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s believable, athletic and has a great look. Not everybody has to be a singles guy

  9. Doug being a HU specialist just means he gets to end every argument with let’s play heads up. The 100k offer wasn’t even to berkey, it was for the winner of the match.

  10. Specialist at a dying version of the game. Heads up is so shit especially live

  11. Some random match will be the match of WM weekend because of hipster reasons

  12. Thought the jokes and reactions flowed a lot better for the first 75 percent of its run. It’s when they clearly set up jokes and hung onto shots too long for the reaction to the Jokes that the humour started to fade. It’s as if they were on stage in a broad way musical

  13. Wears sponsored gear to meet the president. Absolute moron

  14. You'll be downvoted for that here, The idea of living off the state seems to be an attractive lifestyle choice to some people here.

  15. It’s not even his numbers, all he does is put them on a graph.

  16. So we have determined that 820 - 850K people are going to watch this show no matter what. Basically AEW has a basement floor of viewers that they won't go lower than for dynamite...but they also won't go much higher than that either. Meaning...AEW is TNA.

  17. They ended the show with just over 700k. This is how it ends, ratings slowly dying away with everybody claiming every new milestone is the new average

  18. Yep. He claimed Jericho would want to leech off the hype from the face of a tv show that’s getting pushed and to appear on yet another show himself.

  19. You mean people were acting like that in 2020 when it had to be canceled because of the pandemic? Anyone who was trying to fed bad about that can go fuck themselves, it was absolutely the right decision. This was before covid mutated into a less deadly variant, if they had 70k+ into arenas then, it would've wrecked havoc

  20. Ah a Meltzer classic of WWE needing to go ahead with WM but it being a festival of wrestling that involves everyone.

  21. Won’t matter a fuck to United and Qatar with the whole private ownership angle but this will achieve the opposite in so far states will ring it through many enterprises and have a face for takeovers

  22. They sped up to this speed when I moved lane. They were going slow before. Also were flashing hazards.. Lol

  23. Just saw this comment. If anything the middle lane car speeding up with you on the inside is a good thing since he’s helping you out and you have no need to overtake?

  24. You're missing the fact it was an empty road. Safe to speed up to 100 aswell so you can't be taken over???

  25. So what are you trying to overtake by using overtaking lane if nothing in front of you on inside lane?

  26. Sooner she dies of natural causes long in the future the better

  27. How does it promote event? Those who are subscribed already know about the event. And newcomers will not be watching some random guy talking about something they can't even see, especially, when there are tonnes of historical matches out there for newcomers to watch.

  28. IRA haven’t even claimed it meanwhile there’s a loyalist parlimiltary civil war happening with houses being petrol bombed but not a peep.

  29. No, it hasn’t been confirmed to be the IRA buddy. In fact it’s now accepted it’s another group who did it that are comprised of loyalists and republicans.

  30. There’s something so beautiful about the fact that Shiv now knows she can count on her brothers for support.

  31. Hilarious how they’re treating it as answering Punk back when he hasn’t denied anything Punk has said.

  32. Whatever his faults (and they are real), I think Engin is fundamentally a very honourable person who acts in good faith.

  33. What’s honourable about taking money from streamers for yourself?

  34. He’ll expect 400k then when Qatar takes over surely?

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