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  1. i think you already said the answer: the embark dna test said 100% lab, but she’s not AKC registered.

  2. petsafe 3-in-1, use the included double ended leash, clip both front and back clips.

  3. can you name the specific product you got? interested in looking these up.

  4. check out this post and look into earning trick dog titles with AKC. your dog doesnt need to be purebred or any special kind of dog.

  5. 10 month lab slowly improving. he pulled me onto my ass down a hill yesterday, but on the plus side he came back to check on me? YMMV. i attempt some mix of the below.

  6. This is good info! I have taught my lab a lot of queues and honestly I don’t think I am taking advantage of them to guide him during our walks. 10 months was a hard age for my lab, he was a wrecking ball of energy lol he is now 5, but spent most of his life off leash. So now it’s been a struggle getting him to adjust to leash life. Good luck to you as well!!

  7. when did he calm down? tell me it gets better. he’s such a hard headed bull in a china shop right now. at least he’s sturdy and optimistic.

  8. Will Ferrel in Elf-I have a lab

  9. An ancient stirring, from deep within my soul. Do you believe in fate? This feels good, it feels right. In this moment, I am who I was born to become. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

  10. can you place something between the plastic tray and the wire bottom maybe? cardboard sheet, dishtowel, small bath towel… something flat and not sticking out the edges.

  11. I adopted my dog as an adult. He LOVES people, especially toddlers. It took about 2 weeks to train him not to lunge towards people for pets. He still tries to engage strangers by wagging his tail & begging for pets with his eyes, but he doesn’t violate personal space.

  12. how do you train that? i have a 10 month lab, and when we first got him, i invited everyone in america to pet him and feed him treats. he LOVED it and now loves everyone he sees…. too much.

  13. I've been doing the beginner training classes at PetSmart. I knew it wasnt going to be anything special, but for $120 it was worth the routine, other dogs, and new situations. The actual training is minimal, but at 6 ~1 hour sessions it's like $20 each .. I just wanted to get my pup in to get her doing something, while training her to listen while distracted,and will get actual dog training classes later this year (which are easily double or triple the price)

  14. thanks for being here! i am at 10 months and it is so hard for me too.

  15. puppies are not dogs! thats something i didnt understand until i got a puppy.

  16. You can also earn it without a class. Here is a post I had saved and been meaning to get around to looking into it.

  17. Chis and small breeds are harder to potty train. In part they are so small, that your house appears very large to them. Surely there is a bathroom in it somewhere (to them). You think they peed “right there” but they think they peed “all the way over there”.

  18. This is a great idea that I have not tried yet!! I will make just the bedroom his area this week and see how he does. Feeding him in there and seeing if he’ll hold it if I introduce him slowly. Thank you for the tip, I really appreciate that advice.. he probably does see the house as a bathroom tbh.

  19. Remember even the bedroom might be large for him. Also don’t just feed him in one area. Every nook and cranny is a separate place to him, so cover each one and teach about each one slowly. Beside your bed may be a whole different room to him vs that gap between the bookshelf & the wall, vs the spot under your nightstand etc.

  20. Omg yes your situation is basically mine!! I've never heard of this before, I will def bring it up w new vet. I was really upset she mentioned euthanasia!! Chloe is 13 and a mini doxie. Many can live to be 15- 18. She can have several more years left! But I don't want her to suffer w this ocd. Thanks!!!

  21. Apoquel is something you can ask about too. I agree with getting a second opinion.

  22. It’s like a daily pill I think. Some dogs with allergies/sensitivities to food/grass/etc have success resolving symptoms such as licking/paw chewing with it. I’m probably butchering it. but some friends/family members dogs are on it and seem to have success with it and do well on it.

  23. Idk anything about whippets specifically or even much about dogs. I have a 10 month lab we brought home at 10 weeks and he is my first dog. I don’t know anything, am not a vet or a certified trainer, and you probably shouldn’t listen to me.

  24. I am not sure if this is a language barrier issue or something more but:

  25. The Pupford training treats are small, low calorie, and my dogs seem to love them. Or tiny pieces of carrots. I have no idea why my dogs love carrots. They are weirdos.

  26. My pup loves the Pupford training treats. He’s a lab so he loves anything though.

  27. I miss everything. He’s 10 months old and it’s slowly getting better. For a long time, I felt sure that this was just gonna be life for the next 10-15 years and I would never be able to leave for a date again or ever even sit at home and watch a movie.

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