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  1. It’s not that it’s a bad album it’s just a lot of us were expecting some grand Kendrick overarching story type album, but we kind of just got a collage of his greatest hits remade. And there are good songs on it, but they’re not very original, unique or diverse in the word choice or rhymes. Like “story” on clouds was such a unique song but there’s nothing like that on this album I feel.

  2. I absolutely get what you mean and i think you explained exactly how i feel about the album in few sentences.It’s far from bad but also not good enough considering his ability and creativity.I expected something that we could look back to and cherish because it’s a start of his new chapter in life,this big positive change in his mindset and he kinda scratched the surface of that but not enough imo.The story behind it and the build up to it had so much potential to be worked with and he just didn’t deliver that creatively.Missed opportunity.

  3. Production and diversity are probably the biggest assets of this album.He has some cool flows on it,not that many bars,not that many quotable lyrics,maybe one hit song and thats it.I think it will be one of those albums that wont hold up that well as it ages.He definitely could have done a better job considering the time he put into it.Listening to this album i think it’s obvious that he was really struggling with songwriting and just didn’t have as much inspiration as for example for The Search.But still i think it’s a positive change of direction in his career and I’m definitely looking forward to his next one which I’m sure will outperform this one and become a classic like The Search already is.

  4. Considering the fact that NF mentioned multiple times that he is a huge fan of movies and that he already referenced another horror movie in Returns(Carrie) this theory isn’t that far fetched.

  5. I agree with you,he says some pretty basic things that i have heard like a 1000 times before.I spoke about this on the discord server,it just seems he googled inspirational quotes and put it into a song and made it rhyme.

  6. The last time that he released a music video for a song that was already out was 2017 for Let You Down and that was more so because the song instantly became insanely popular so he felt obligated to do it.He hasn’t done it since.

  7. Hasn't he done it for If You Want Love waaay later after it was released though? Or am I imagining things?

  8. Yes you can interpret the lyrics however you want but the fact that you would post your interpretation on reddit means that you want others people opinions on it,RIGHT?Sooo if someone thinks that its a stretch,they are entitled to it,RIGHT?It goes both ways.

  9. I mean none of those other albums were new this week so that makes a difference too

  10. Every single song is written by him.The people that are credited on his songs are his producers and producers are usually credited as writers for some

  11. Yeah that’s probably it but i dunno I’m not knowledgeable at all when it comes to music.

  12. If somebody ever asks me what does reach mean in Hip Hop im going to show him this post.

  13. No way,Morgan is projected to do atleast 160k in this week and his songs are still dominating on the streaming charts.But NF is guaranteed that #2 spot.I expect him to do between 125k-135k.I think thats realistic.

  14. I read the whole thing, and I definitely understand what you are saying. Don't get me wrong, I am playing this album non-stop right now, but eventually, I might stop playing it again and again. I love it a lot because there is something for everybody, and it is really different than everything he has put out except for maybe CLOUDS. All of his other albums definitely have felt more fluid and cohesive, but those are when Nate was in a dark place in life and really wrote what he felt. However, this album is him potentially moving away from his old sound, which typically had cinematic beats and him moving towards a new sound, which is different to himself and the fans. But also, I think this is just the start of NFs new journey, and I look at it like this. From NFs first EP to the Search, he refined his sound so well and improved so much, hence why I think The Search is for sure definitely one of best albums without a doubt. But I look at this album as him starting over again, and I believe as he makes more music with the more positive subject matter, the better he will become. I definitely believe that NF will put out stuff that will have a different meaning because he has new stuff to motivate himself and his music. But to sum it all up, I'm here for NFs new journey for as long as he is willing to make music, and I truly believe that this album is the start of something great.

  15. Yeah I think that’s what will prevent him. I’m sure the album will break 110k, but Wallen’s album at worst should do 125

  16. Yeah i think HOPE will do like atleast 120k.And Morgan Wallen is doing atleast 140k,im sure of it.

  17. Is this accurate? They all had like 50k when I checked but maybe it hadn’t updated yet

  18. Yep,plays and streams are two different things.Stream of a whole song from start to the end counts as one play.You can play a song like 30 seconds and it will count as a one stream.

  19. So, if you STREAM a whole song it is a PLAY, and if you PLAY a bit it is a STREAM... lol.

  20. Yeah,makes me wonder are we even getting another music video?Cuz the teaser should have been out by now.

  21. No, it wouldn't have been. If he is going to post a teaser, it would be at 12:00 PM (EST) the day before the album drops, which is in 5.5 hours from now.

  22. Im going based on what he was doing for his last two projects.Both Leave me alone and Story which were released with the album,their announcement was on a Wednesday.

  23. I dont see him collabing with Cole,dont get me wrong i would love for it happen but it just doesnt seem likely.I think he also said in one of his interview that he likes to do collabs that nobody expects so i dont think anyone can accurately predict who he will he collab with in the future.I would love a collab with Logic and maybe Russ(although i think i read somewhere that he doesnt really like NF ) .

  24. Fucking wild he's going to be performing in NHL arenas lol. Already got the reminder on my phone for when tickets go on sale.

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