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  1. Did you mean commutativity? The dihedral group is not commutative, so if you do two things in different orders, you might not get the same result.

  2. g1(g2 g3) = (g1 g2) g3 I did the same but, it doesnt become equal for particular ngon.

  3. These are the same guys I met in my Chem classes in 1st year bragging about how they never had to study for anything and still got good grades, but as soon as I pressed them on a deeper understanding of the material past regurgitating information for a test, they had no clue what they were talking about. There is a reason they're choosing to act like children instead of doing actual productive work/study. Ignore them, they will not make it as far as they think lmao

  4. > bragging about how they never had to study for anything and still got good grades

  5. My calfs are bigger than most gym bros biceps.

  6. Sound Transit does not tolerate harASSment? Please report any harASSment? to security.

  7. Here are some algebra questions. When you see the questions, how many do you think you would get and how long would it take?

  8. I don't think there are really any general "math skills." You can practice specific math topics, but there isn't a "math skill" you can learn.

  9. I agree with your conclusion and such a "what if" question which you quote is really all we need for action, so minor ontological squabbles are not going to make-or-break action-oriented thinking. Keeping an eye out and supporting marginalized groups is the main focus.

  10. Thanks for sharing, I had no idea of the history. As I'm black I really get the need to talk about things people don't want to. But, I've also seen how some people want to make DEI the entire focus.

  11. I'm not OP, but I do think that getting rid of standardized testing isn't very justified. I'm a gay poc in math btw.

  12. Let S be a set in R^m. We say it is "bounded in the usual sense" if there exists some r>0 and an x in S such that S is a subset of B(x,r). This means that S can be contained in some giant ball.

  13. Omg I actually understood that. That wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was. I think this massively helps my understanding. I couldn’t figure out how to formulate an equivalence between the definitions for hours, but it way simpler than I thought. Thank you so much

  14. You're welcome. The proof in one sentence is that if you have a ball with radius r centered at some point x_0, then the distance between any two points inside the ball is less than 2r, so the ball is enclosed by the ball of radius 2r at any x.

  15. Yep Saigon Deli and Seattle Deli. Not the most sanitary places but the sandwiches were delicious yum yum

  16. Basically, there is no simple way to get what you are looking for. This question is difficult because it's not easy to get y by itself. There is a formula out there (cubic formula) but it's messy.

  17. I just made this for dinner tonight. I didn't have celery so I just added more carrots. It's very nourishing and filling.

  18. People are being way too defensive, Seattle has plenty of things about it to enjoy but food really isn't one of them outside of a few specific types of things (Vietnamese being the most obvious example).

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