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  1. I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this... but who the fuck in their right mind is employing people in their mid-70s as security guards? Especially for a fucking hospital.

  2. Not trouble but that’s pretty ageist. I mean it depends on the demands of the job and his fitness. Hell, Schwarzenegger is 75. He’s no muscle man, but he’s capable. If his dad can de-escalate, use a radio, or aim, he’s fine. You’ll get there some day and I think you’re going to be really surprised how it feels.

  3. Wow! In the US it would just become partisan and they’d convince right wingers it was socialism and only lazy woke people want to sit around and we’d have 90 as the retirement age and 10% corporate tax.

  4. Actually, the age of retirement for them will stay at 52 years old.

  5. Oh so many reasons. Entitlement. Thinking the poor are the enemy. Aligning capitalism and religion in one of two parties. The myth of the American dream. Demonization of government. Taught infantilism. Dunning Kruger. Systemic racism. Creation of various boogeymen. So so many reasons.

  6. I forgot more and more about the bad design with each band I read.

  7. There is also evidence Al Gore won Florida, but Jeb Bush and the Republican controlled Supreme Court stopped the count before it was completed.

  8. My ex worked that election for an election company. It was brutal. Met Katherine Harris and yeah, it was really really a con job.

  9. A tie in a VW bug? I don’t know who this guy is but he sounds like a monster

  10. As awful as it is, they’ll probably win. Remember, they’re cops, and he’s some black dude.

  11. I wouldn’t be so sure. Public sentiment is a helluva drug. The only way this will go south is if he really did something horrible they had reports of but not proof. He did imply they thought he was trafficking? or something really bad. They found nothing but if he is guilty he’s gonna look like a real asshole.

  12. But they 'evolved' past fetus stages into babies (like Human Pokemon) and aren't what she wants to protect anymore.

  13. How can she worship God knowing he's responsible for most fetal deaths?

  14. Because she doesn’t really believe in god. No one who embraces that much vitriol fears god.

  15. Been to Brown County. It’s gorgeous. Everyone is on meth. But it’s gorgeous.

  16. Cincinnati is great, but admittedly the soul is slow to heal. RIP Harambe. Forever loved dawg.

  17. Hard to have pity on the smartest, toughest, most magnetic, tasteful, good looking, rich man who also somehow had to entrap and pay women to fuck him.

  18. Tried two bites then tossed it. The chicken was also really awful.

  19. I make it from scratch. Always a better option and costs like $.50 a serving. (Well, $.85 maybe). It’s easy!

  20. As for the inner voice, I think everyone doubts themselves. My students (I teach) are all older and have doubts the can finish college. We work a lot on motivation. We watched a speech that gave 10 ways to add more meaning to your life. One was just making the bed in the morning. Starting the day with an “accomplishment” can help set the tone for the whole day. And it’s within your control.

  21. My husband had this happen. Now, preface this with him not being the best employee. But the point—this new VP came in and they just clashed. He came home and told me the guy was a tool but he’d try because he loved working at this place. But it kept getting more awkward. (The guy hid jars of jam in peoples’ lockers as a “joke”). Each week the Mr. Came home more and more freaked out by this guy. And once he lasered in, his gaze never left. One day my husband had been fired for a completely made up reason. Like I said, he wasn’t the best but he wasn’t the worst. It was legitimately made up.

  22. In the south, Sure. Dude, you literally only shitpost here. You clearly post these memes as your real feelings, not as a mockery of what they are stating.

  23. You know he is just baiting you. Apartments obviously cost different amounts depending on where you live. I just picked a city. Philadelphia. Average 1 bedroom cost $1900. So, if you only make $60K gross and we take out income tax, that’s only $46,700 net. About $3900/month. Then there’s social security, 401k withdrawal, insurance, transportation, food. But let’s say you live on about $3000 a month. Assuming you live alone in a 1 bedroom, you are spending $1900 of your $3000 on rent. That leaves $1100 or about $300 a week. You have no one to share utilities with so what electric, phone, and heat, let’s say about $400 a month. So that takes you to $175 a week. So you also have clothes, toothpaste, and god forbid you get sick. That’s without internet. Without food. No leisure. No vacations. So screw that guy. Numbers don’t lie.

  24. Oh, absolutely, But I'm bored waiting for a model to finish rendering, so why not. I know. He is a child(literally). They take any attempt to educate them about life as hostility.

  25. I’m Gen X. It was tough then. They have no idea what it’s like to search the couch cushions or donate plasma.

  26. People buy, swap out the real contents with something of comparable weight. Someone in my family was gifted a camera at Christmas time. But inside the camera bag was a bag of sand.

  27. Let’s get them kids back on Facebook where grandma can see their posts!

  28. Somebody needs to dub over this with something more interesting

  29. Like someone slamming a door on a cat? Like a wet fart? Like someone suffering from food poisoning? Like spit bubbles?

  30. That extra “s” in pus is oddly funny and appropriate for this asshole.

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