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  1. Damn bro double the pay for half the work. Nice

  2. Giving me Flee The Facility vibes, this looks incredible!

  3. Why on earth did they tease actual titans coming to the game if they weren’t gonna take it any further

  4. Everyone’s mentioning this, but I haven’t seen anyone actually explain it.

  5. I’ve seen this clip before, what happens next is we see his middle finger flopping, therefore completely unattached from the hand

  6. You’d think after the last 3 times you got over 30 downvoted you’d realise nobody finds you correct or funny

  7. I swear to god Roblox servers are just a bunch of dollar store alarm clocks in some dudes wardrobe

  8. If I’m using 7, L, i, | or (, it’s the right one.

  9. Ralsie looks like he’s about to plop his head on the hand and ask for pats

  10. Donegal drivers are just genetically made to create new ways of inconveniencing and generally asshole parking so people can notice their new bumper sticker on their Renault Partner

  11. Mars. By the time that game is announced the earth will be inhabitable and we’ll be playing on the PlayStation 18 and Xbox Categories Series Chapters Part II One Z

  12. i remember when florida was just haha funny florida man throws alligator at strip club

  13. “Florida man throws alligator into strip club” is the peak of Florida. You’ve perfectly summed up all of whats needed to know about that place. Congratulations

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