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  1. Respawn in 20 seconds (how often did you die man? Thats a lot to wait..)

  2. Tbh the gamemode was more unbalanced for what volley was. U have gale who does his gadget and for the enemy its ggs since they cant go and hit the ball back, unless the gale didnt place his gadget well. Gales were everywhere too

  3. You said u played tf2 and i adviced you with your pc problem too. Brazil is such a weird map. I like it

  4. How much is you, how much was given for free, and how much did you steal?

  5. This is like when people say a pterodactyl is a dinosaur or smth

  6. I think, dark green brown and white prob yellow too

  7. The devs had to nerf the Camptosaurus down to .001% of its power because using it would set your computer on fire

  8. Especially the tail attack, even bars one is weaker oof

  9. Amazing, i pushed buzz rank 26 yesterday in bounty

  10. Aint now way this guy has no mofo shoes on a rainy weather wtf bruhh

  11. Yeah had to reset my entire console for it to work.

  12. You can never escape. From the tallest mountain to the lowest valley, he shall pursue you. The sound of death is the slapping of his rotund body on the ground. It may take decades for him to reach you, but he shall eventually.

  13. He could maybe have autism, or he might just be a regular person doing this weird thing for views

  14. Now why would an autistic man film himself live and also expecting money or some shit content is garbage and probably is one of them attention money seekers

  15. I saw this, had a ’hol-up’ moment, and then burst out laughing. Who makes a gender out of a cookie? XD

  16. When he doesnt masturbate for 5 seconds (according to him he does it a lot in his “free time”)

  17. My bro ranted when they told in the brawl talk us about it since now and now i understand what he meant that lvl 11 and gears cost wayyyyyy too much since its all club league depending on for your general income to max a brawler!

  18. My club is in legendary 1 and we are only 4 people in it, soooo guess we will die sometimes trying to get our fair share to max out a brawler with it (club quest gives us 210, i hate club quests ruin our productivity ever since added!)

  19. We all know the rest of their evening

  20. Was playing bars and got stuck on a rock at green valley. Tried to get out for mins and had to do the good ol’ /respawn. I ragged a bit cause i was just adult today and have to quest a bit again and the fact that i had to help my fellow herbs against a kos army of 8-12 carnis, what a wild server.

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