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  1. Alright but don’t upload them to YouTube as a gmod realism video, honestly I think it’s more fun to play a gmod realism than to watch it

  2. Idk but they look weird having 2004 heads on 2010s-level bodies

  3. Ok but the double barrel shotgun should sound beefier

  4. New conspiracy: miyamoto made the paper Mario games self aware about how they’re paper to lower their quality

  5. Bruh why tf is Spy checking out his own daughter

  6. Why are femscout models more tasteful than fempyro models (not counting the recent good one)

  7. Cool stuff! You should try to get on the team for that city 17 map for minecraft

  8. I said basically the same comment to both:

  9. Valve would have to add the yellow team due to player outrage

  10. It’s not even a day and people are already meming the “it’s 2023 stop hating on black mesa” post

  11. I don’t like how fat the shotgun is

  12. Alright but this is just too big

  13. I can’t wait for Gianni to voice this

  14. People in the 80s were nostalgic of the 50s/60s. Now people are nostalgic of the 80s.

  15. I don’t blame them they made good music

  16. It's not a bad thing to like a decade for It's artistic zeitgeist. I love the 80s for it's music, it's movies, etc... but it is a bad thing to see it as perfect, every decade has had it's calamities.

  17. How do you do that npc pov thing?


  19. Doesn’t that one not save the audio

  20. How did scout get the city 17 news?


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