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Just got my CT scan results; fist sized tumor in my head

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  1. Canada still holding the door for everyone coming in and going and can’t find a long enough break to politely leave the door.

  2. My school was named as Romeo Dallaire, a soldier who was there. so I managed to meet with him a few times when he visited.

  3. If I lookup the MLS number shown on screen, it’s for 5 Pineview trail, Essa, Ontario

  4. As a person who drives in Canadian snow and ice without abs, I can tell you that it’s likely staling because one or both of your drive wheels are starting to slide or come close to lockup.

  5. Thank you this is such good advice, I’ve somewhat started getting used to it but I definitely don’t like it

  6. Takes some getting used too lol, the worst part is that when you slide, you loose all ability to steer lol

  7. I hear skyhook and all that comes to Mind is the skydiving product lol

  8. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

  9. So the short version is that the fibres don't cause mutation in DNA directly, so much as they damage cells in such a way that mutation becomes far more likely. DNA in a cell is contained primarily in the cell's nucleus. If the cell becomes damaged sufficiently to damage that, it can cause it to heal wrong. This can cause things like cell inflammation, which itself can damage cell DNA if it persists over a protracted period, and cause cancer over time that way. That's one element.

  10. I believe this is a perfect exploration, and makes logical sense to me. I never thought about the fact that it simply creates an environment prone to mutations rather then directly damaging it such as radiation or unstable molecules do.

  11. I only give partial refunds for stuff like that. Mostly because I reserved it for them, so i possibly lost out of other sales and time

  12. To be fair, it looks like this truck would be too long if parked on one spot

  13. I don’t think so, from the photo it looks like his right tail light and left headlight are inline in relation to the wall.

  14. Thanks I'll keep it in mind, boom and zoom is kinda my preferable way of playing

  15. Just instead of boom and zoom vertically, just go straight and never go below Mach 1.2 in combat or Mach 0.9 when searching around lol.

  16. When searching around, you can maintain .9 at about 70% throttle, and fuel will take you a lot further.

  17. That’s why I do that lol, then can loiter a lot long when you’re not constantly on afterburner. I save that for when I spot an enemy and wanna move in for the kill

  18. I’ve made that mistake before lol. Flying the king cobra and I saw a bomber (don’t remember which one, it was ages ago) knew it was an enemy because it was an enemy plane (again don’t remember which) shot it and killed a friendly… it was a captured premium…

  19. The image shown is actually a T2 weighted MRI image, not a CT.

  20. If it was a CT, the skull would be brighter then the brain correct? CT sees density and MRI sees water?

  21. Basically yes, on CT the skull would be white, T2 weighted MRI highlights water and T1 highlights fat

  22. How dose it change between fat and water?From my understanding they basically ring you like a bell with magnets and listen to the magnetic resonance of water and map it. Do they just change the frequency they listen for?

  23. Regular masks give you some protection - not as much as an N-95, but some. It's still a good idea if you aren't going full N-95

  24. It’s actually kinda interesting, there was a study done a while ago before COVID where they tested cloth masks, surgical masks, and N95 in hospitals with sars-COVID-1

  25. Sorry, but that is false. They did NOT find that using cloth masks "increased the chance of catching it."

  26. I never said it was evidence of todays life as it was an older trial, but it dose show a good possibility it can increase chances. I did say it was interesting. The CDC even referenced this trial and recommends for healthcare workers to not ware cloth mask as catching is “consistently higher among those in the cloth mask group than in the medical mask and control groups” (link below)

  27. Here is one of the most useful links for sim. It shows the changing BR rating for each EC group and what dates are for what. It’s amazing for knowing when you can play your favourite planes. BR changes every two days

  28. Go into your control settings, make make sure you’re throttle is actually going from maximum to minimum value. Sometimes you need to calibrate it.

  29. I always forget that consoles exist! Best of luck!

  30. Money buys you time. Time that you usually use towards making that money survive. Time is happiness. If you had the money you could have all the time in the world to find your happiness so in a sense money buys you happiness

  31. I like to think of it as money buys freedom. The freedom to travel, the freedom to change jobs, the freedom of choice.

  32. You sure that $488 isn't for the year? I'm looking at my CRA account and I see $102.58

  33. I misread for 2023-2024 instead of 2022-2023. I fixed the post, my bad.

  34. I was able to live with my parents.

  35. I can figure it out, I just have to make some entries myself later to note the time to compare. Still annoying

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