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  1. Barusan ga bisa buka hp karena home bar Putih di bawah hilang

  2. If anjing = anjing - anjing itu

  3. selalu connect ke Singapore, so how do I change to other country?

  4. I found it, he live in 36°28’36”N 53°33’33”E

  5. Where is Ayu Dewi? (I you they we)

  6. sensor ngerokok blur di film2 antara konyol ama gk guna atau dua2nya

  7. What a wise comment, I’ll save this comment

  8. I've just seen a video on reddit and wanted to search it up. I only typed the first 3 word, google come up with suggestion. How the fuck google know what I'm looking for, It's fucking creepy.

  9. Lebih creepy pas ketik di google doc, botnya tau aku mau ketik apa

  10. Nama barang be like: VGA GTX 950 bukan 1050 1060 1650 1660 RTX 2050 2060 3050 3060 3070 3080 3090 Ti GAMING OC ASUS TUF ZOTAC MSI PALIT GIGABYTE COLORFUL

  11. U just explain 50% of any item in the search tag

  12. Why post here, you better post it in

  13. I’m glad clickbaity channel haven’t discovered dall e

  14. Maldives when they meet malskydives

  15. They make animation that most of the audience is a children but put lgbt 🤦

  16. light year bukan film anak2, ratingnya aja PG

  17. I’m not saying it’s a kid movie, but the majority of the audience is kid

  18. I watched Top Gun Maverick yesterday

  19. Harus ntn top gun yg sblmnya ya supaya ngerti ceritanya?

  20. Increase carbon footprint until Laos get the sea

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