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  1. "Oh you're a villain alright, just not a super one!"

  2. Pinestar to ‘Just A Man’ from Epic The Musical. I really hope at least someone knows what I’m talking about-

  3. One I'm planning for a year or so is a fun little "In The Heights" MAP, set around Rising Storm (if i can remember correctly), and focusing on the Clan cats living in clans they dont originate from-

  4. I thought of Carnaval del Barrio for a gathering in the aftermath of the Great Battle where they're all sad and stuff about their losses until Mothwing Daniela and Leafpool Carla (because they're perfect), throw a party, featuring Cinderheart Vanessa, Lionblaze Usnavi, Bramblestar the piragua guy, Bumblestripe Sonny, Dovewing Nina, Tigerheart Benny

  5. You have to look within yourself to save yourself from your other self. Only then will your true self reveal itself.

  6. Listen, avatar, I can either join your group, or I can do something unspeakably horrible to you and your friends. Your choice

  7. Others have already made great points, I'd just like to add that with the Temple and the TIE factory destroyed there was pretty much no point in wasting resources on taking back a useless backwater Outer Rim world, especially given the increasing losses to the Rebellion

  8. Imagine having the audacity of calling Grand Admiral Sloane a mid-rank lackey

  9. I'm actually really surprised she hasn't shown up in live action yet. They have her in all these books and comics. I thought it was setting her up to be a big character in the movies or TV shows

  10. I was pissed and perplexed that she wasn't in the Shadow Council episode in Mando

  11. Mhm! I subbed to her patreon and this was a reward (my name Feathertailfan was also in the end of the most recent vids!)

  12. I love how even without audio I immediately recognized the first one

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