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  1. She‘s just a little tired… waiting for Silksong like everybody else.

  2. There doesn‘t really have to be any contradiction at all, if we take into account that we have the benefit of hindsight and Sauron does not. Conceivably, the following happened:

  3. Well, the game is not for sale or anything. I've only made the one copy for personal use. But otherwise I would agree with you!

  4. Holy fuck that's amazing! Very good design choices. Good layout and good readable iconography.

  5. Thank you! Luckily, the game doesn't really need a lot of information on the cards, just 21 cards in 7 colors, really. So it was an ideal situation to showcase some of Hollow Knight's art. I've sent you a pm about the print files.

  6. Crossposting this here because it might be of interest? When I made this I had recently (mostly) finished the game and thought this was a nice way to keep Hallownest in my mind.

  7. There's a whole project someone has done to try and improve binder fodder over on the ffg forums. They went quite a bit further than you did.

  8. That's really cool, I hadn't seen this. Thanks for pointing it out!

  9. What is everyone here thinking about buffing certain player cards? A while back I noticed that there are lots of cards I rarely (if ever) use, simply because particularly with a growing card pool there are so many better alternatives. Is anyone here using house-rules to rebalance some cards, or even custom-printed ones?

  10. Good questions, and several that I have also wondered about. The secrecy about the Elven rings has been a little puzzling to me. In The Council of Elrond, Elrond says that "of them it is not permitted to speak", and the Elves are silent when Gloin asks about them. But still, the location of at least two of the rings must be glaringly obvious to everyone who knows about them, right?

  11. Unfortunately, I have no idea. There is a second, similar one, and I have had them lying around for a couple of years. They are made from a slightly softer plastic, so I assume they are just some unrelated toy dragons I picked up somewhere. Originally, they both had small wings as well.

  12. First time posting here! This is the most recent miniature I have painted, alongside some old metal Easterlings. It's supposed to be a descendent of a wingless dragon escaped from the War of Wrath in the First Age into the east, and there gaining some following among a local Easterling tribe.

  13. Not sure about the Khazad-Dum quests, but the Warden of Healing (and similar cards) have to be exhausted separately for healing. Something like "Response: After Warden of Healing exhausts, ..." would allow you to use a card's ability while exhausting it for something else (ally

  14. Looks very neat! I am simply using the Core set box. I have inverted the insert, so that there is space for two rows of cards. At the moment this fits my collection (Core set, 3 deluxe + a couple of APs) perfectly.

  15. Thanks for the clarification and good reminder about the combat actions!

  16. Thanks for the answer. Interesting to see that this really was not quite clear until the FAQ.

  17. Some form of prevent debuffs is your best bet.

  18. I'm using Invisible Woman and Iron Man as well. My agent is using the Magnetic Field Generator for extra turns + rebuff removal. Debuff removing shield are especially useful here because the mind blasts are psychic attacks, so they won't even damage the shield. This is also true for the aoe psychic attack and the chilling gaze-attack from the High Evolutionary. They do damage, but don't apply debuffs.

  19. I found Drax and Groot to be quite a good combination, as Drax really profits from the protection. Otherwise anyone with opportunity rebuffs for his lvl 9.

  20. What have you been using so far? Personally I would suggest trying out a number of different teams (maybe in practice mode?) and keeping track of what you have problems with. See a lot of blasters? Bring a tactician. Having problems with counter-attacks? Consider using Iron Fist even in his default costume. Giving specific advice is difficult because the meta changes at different levels.

  21. If I decide to use cyclops would it be worth it grinding for his p5 alt or maybe getting his uncanny?

  22. I quite like P5 Cyclops, especially because of the combination of deadly crits on his lvl 1 and his guaranteed crits because of his passive. Keep in mind though that unless you have him at lvl 13 you lose that Eiso slot. I don't know wether you have done the X-Men heroic battle, but Cyclops' Eiso granting inspiring leadership is a good option as well.

  23. You are correct. His application of the mark, does indeed apply bleeding. Wow. That's actually pretty interesting.

  24. I suppose that only happens when he is attacked by an AoE, right? Because a single target attack would remove Rage of the Destroyer

  25. Been grinding for dr stranges, exploit attrition makes him pair with lots of.debuffs.

  26. I really like that one as well. As my Doctor Strange isn't level 13 yet I'm having a hard time choosing between the EIso and the modern costume though.

  27. I still really like it. Having used it in combination with the Generalist Empowered Armor I actually can't remember the last time I have had to recharge with any character in either PVP or PVE.

  28. I did win it on my first run of 2.6.5 on challenge mode, and I don't think it really is worth any extra effort. While the buff removal and strengthened buff are of course always nice to have, I would almost always prefer other weapons like the new savage spear for example.

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