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  1. Go to medical every time you can and get everything you can documented

  2. Nothing in the VA app, no email. Is it a request for more information? More appointments?

  3. The C&P exam is a duty to assist by the VA. If you have the remote possibility that you have an issue that started in service, you will likely be given an exam. The examiner can provide a diagnosis and make a Nexus. That is the whole point of the CP Exam. That being said, the more evidence you have the better chances, theoretically, it will be approved

  4. I just read that if you’re less than one year out you don’t even need a diagnosis only symptoms

  5. My worried this time than I was back then. Back then I feel like I knew I was in a decline but wanted to get help.

  6. Honestly I’m pretty scared someone is going to come pick me up if i tell them about past suicidal ideations.

  7. My vision wasn't the best when I went in but I never needed glasses. I chose to go get glasses halfway through my enlistment. I had no event that caused the astigmatism itself except genetics lol, so I know it's not gonna be rated haha

  8. Do you have a copy of your medical records from service? If not you should request a copy (Regardless of THIS situation).

  9. So on your final check out from medical and I put an issue that wasn’t diagnosed but had complaints of in service can be used to make something service connected?

  10. Why wouldn’t it? If it was something musculoskeletal and they were able to see X-rays/mri, I don’t see why not. If it’s mental health that would def be easy and valid

  11. It is in regards to mental health. It’s just cheaper to see someone online than in person.

  12. I'd imagine if you are being prescribed mental health medications, somewhere in your file is a formal diagnosis. This doesn't seem like a stretch to obtain for your records. To answer your question, yes, you'll need some documentation from the medical provider with your diagnosis.

  13. If the documentation is unobtainable (online mental health ) and with the prescription could I still establish a diagnosis?

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