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  1. Marlene’s appearance in SLC surprised me but I guess it shouldn’t have. Why didn’t Marlene and the Fireflies bring Ellie to SLC themselves?

  2. cuz she was hurt and bleeding and almost all of her Boston crew was dead in the first episode. and also fedra was on their way to the building. she probably didn’t want ellie to get captured by fedra and get ☠️

  3. i need ethan to react to the crazy pedro pascal tiktoks while olivia explains why he is THE daddy of the internet. and maybe Brittany can chime in!!

  4. the first half of the tweets comes of as he’s about to slam it in to bill hader and then he goes and gives the best compliment ever

  5. Thanks for sharing this, I donated. Not 10k of course but a lil bit. The donations are rolling in FAST, they will definitely hit a million soon. I hope it helps make a difference for some who have been through this senseless tragedy. ☮️ & ♥️

  6. aww man i wish i could edit the title :’) just wanted to say “you can donate too if you’d like”. Your donation means a lot to me as someone whose family was affected by this disaster <3

  7. Thousands of people are crushed and stuck under the rubble currently. Please prioritize donating to search and rescue organizations in Turkey such as AHBAP and AKUT. Those who are rescued from the wreckage are out on the streets with not enough assistance, with the weather conditions being horrible as well. They need blankets, shelter and bottled water since water is no longer safe to drink after the earthquake.

  8. No he doesn’t have an american accent when speaking turkish. He sometimes forgets words but that’s unavoidable for any bilingual person.

  9. He doesn't seem to have kept up with current idiom, or at least that's the sense I get from watching Murat correct him on word choice a few times. So it would be like a person from 15-20 years in the past appearing in front of you, speaking English but with some weird extra bits and missing pieces, and not understanding current lingo very well.

  10. I think hasan has only been in America for 12 years so I don’t think that’s enough time to lose touch with the current idioms considering the turkish lingo doesn’t really change as often as it may for american english. Turks really make an effort to keep the language as “authentic” and “un-influenced” by other languages as possible. A lot of turkish lingo is made of cursing and he got that down very well lmao. He’s a straight up native speaker for sho.

  11. You can’t even see brush details when you zoom in on the image. And if it was done in procreate with mac devices why does the res suck? Clout fisher. Does the wife even exist lol

  12. I agree that this looks very fishy but my time lapse videos also have very bad resolution with an iPad. Is there something I’m missing like a setting to increase resolution?

  13. Nah go see the original post. Also the other comment here about mask reveal

  14. oh do you mean the resolution of the image? I do think it’s 100% fake but because of the opposite reason lol. It looks too perfect.

  15. I love prentiss but I hate that they made her unit chief. It gives her less screen time and tbh I’m only watching the revival because of Paget Brewster.

  16. The only thing I didn’t like about it was how Rossi reacted to the whole thing. The fact that Lynch was able to get under Rossi’s skin so easily wasn’t believable to me for some reason. Idk Rossi being the most senior member of the team and also the fact that we saw growth from prev seasons kinda made me feel like Rossi would be more mature about all of this and wouldn’t let his ego get in the way. Maybe if it was Alvez or Simmons, I would believe it. But Rossi has dealt with hundreds of these cases and he just let Lynch play him. I’m not saying he wouldn’t be affected by it at all but still it was just too much idk.

  17. The only reason why I watch that episode is to see Matthew break character with Seaver’s actress Lol

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