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  1. Gosh, I thought it was the money hungry capitalists that copy and paste their last game onto a new title w/ minimal effort. Guess it’s communists and the LGBTQ community, I must be brainwashed.

  2. Used a shield for the 1st half of Limgrave, then doubled up on swords, then went onto the ol’ reliable, two handing greatsword

  3. Holy shit, this just caused the biggest realization for me 😂😂😂. So accurate.

  4. Honestly not even sure how to answer this besides you need a new boyfriend lol. If my fiance or I called the others parent during an argument, either set of parents would be flabbergasted.

  5. Agreed Fish. These folks thinking that some stolen product will increase prices for everyone are not paying attention and fell for the corporate sob story. “ we made records profits off items that costs almost nothing but if you steal shoes we’ll have to raise prices”

  6. I work in the DME field and this is straight up a huge issue for me. I get to spend hours talking with patient’s insurance companies so they get the keep the device that allows them to breathe but i could probably make the same (if not more) if i switched to some food service jobs

  7. You seem obsessed with race. Look at this dudes posts.

  8. How to say you're a leftie, without saying you're a leftie.

  9. Depending on what prison he’s in, his life will likely be hell for 12 years. Still should have been 72 but i hope he dies in there.

  10. Started playing dnd 3 months ago. I now have 5 sets of die, including one nice metal one. Every time I go into a shop, i just want more.

  11. I think you should break up with someone who chooses to watch Tate videos.

  12. The guy is a sex trafficker and influences men (mostly young ones) using heavily delusional talking points, usually of a far right variety.

  13. Typical Karma Whoring Drama Seeker, just because you saw "some" toxic comments doesn't mean you should imply the overall subreddit is being toxic than the other, they're just a small percentage. Get out of here.

  14. Yeah it definitely seems like a generalization (or someone trying to troll for controversy). Although I lean towards Overlord, I’ve seen Slime multiple times. Both are fantastic.

  15. Hey might be better than getting shot by the cops in my own home when they think I’m the intruder and shoot me 9 times because they have an anxiety attack whenever they are actually required to do their jobs

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